Back to the 80s: Dalek I (love you) ♠ The world

August 12, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

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You know, I was originally going to kick-start the weekend with another mindless Italo-disco dance number for today’s 80sObscurities piece. Then I happened to read today’s “Us Vs. Them” editorial on I Die: You Die. From an FGFC820 perspectiv, “us vs. them” typically refers to the common citizen vs. an unending layer of bureaucracy and government hell bent on oppressing such for personal or political gain. Clearly, such divisions – on a lesser scale – have existed in the music scene for, well, ever. It’s not unique to our scene, or ID:UD’s preferred nomenclature of “Our Thing”, but it’s as prominent here as anywhere. I don’t know why that is, entirely, but considering that when it comes to “my” music I myself can possess the predilection for being an elitist prick on occasion – and a penchant, obviously, for run-on sentences – I can only address it from my own perspective. When you’ve suffered so much for something for so long, not only are you inclined to want to protect it, but you’re also predisposed to discredit those who, in your view, haven’t.

I first began spinning what I’ll loosely call “scene music” – not listening to, but actively promoting it to others professionally – almost thirty years ago. THIRTY YEARS. That’s a long time to love something; and serving this scene has sometimes felt like one giant, unending, unreciprocated affair. (In fact, perhaps obsession is a better word.) It’s easy, I think, to understand why someone like me might be dubious of “the next big thing” – whatever it might be – emanating from an artist or movement that’s existed less than a fraction of that time.

That the new is often championed by the even newer – often with this sense of sanctimonious swagger that only the young and naïve can muster with such sure – well, it triggers something in my aural gag reflex that’s hard to suppress. Now, I recognize both the fault and the irony in taking such a stand. People can’t help when they were born or what they’ve been exposed to. Accordingly, it’s not always been easy, but some time ago I decided it would be more productive – for me and the artists I advocate – that rather than rail against the “musical ignorance” of others, I do my part to educate them. Not condescendingly, I hope, but in a way that communicates the love I have for this style of music (and its subsequent offshoots), in the hopes that others might love it, too.

With that in mind, whatever it is you’re currently listening to… whether it’s Covenant or Cut Copy, Hurts or Howard Jones… turn it off and go check out Liverpool’s Dalek I Love You and 1979’s “The World.” That’s not where this all started, but it’s pretty important stuff. Thank you. Sincerely, Your Humble 80sObs Host.


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