Sunsyn 2 – an 8-voice multitimbral synth

October 16, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Jomox has announced that the Sunsyn 2 – an 8-voice multitimbral synth – will be manufactured again, in a limited run:

The sought-after SunSyn 2.0 will be manufactured in a small run again. We have given a face lifting to our 8-voice bolide and prepared the partly difficult getting of parts so far that a new production is possible. That implies of course that the new one will sound exactly the same as the old one!

The Jomox Sunsyn 2 is described as a best-of-both-worlds synth, featuring analog VCOs and digital waveforms; analog x-pole filters with morphing; analog envelopes with digital LFO’s; and an analog routing matrix.


  • Number of Voices 8 times full multitimbral
  • VCO’s 2 per voice; waveforms: saw, pulsewidth
  • RCO’s 2 per voice, playing back of samples and FM RCO1->2 possible
  • Filter 4 pole fully configurable, individual cutoff and HP/LP switching for each pole; analog morphing between two filter setups is possible. True two pole switching is possible
  • Envelopes 2 ADSR per voice, real analog RC-envelope (discrete circuitry)
  • LFO’s 2 per voice individually, waveforms triangle, sawtooth up/down, rectangle and random
  • Routing Elements 4 per voice. Analog modulation matrix with 4096 possible combinations per Routing Element
  • Presets 256 Single / 127 Multi
  • Display LCD 2×24 characters, LED 3×7 segment for parameter display
  • Soft controller 4 incremental encoders
  • Midi Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
  • User Interface 40 knobs, 42 buttons, 85 LED’s
  • Outputs 8 individual outputs, 1 stereo mix out, 1 HP out
  • Output Level about +4dBu at all outputs
  • Inputs 2 external inputs, can be used for audio and CV
  • Supply 220/110 V line voltage selectable
  • Dimensions 19″ 6 RU
  • Weight about 8 kg, 17 lbs


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