Modular synthesizers always have a certain alure to them and guessing freely very few utilize the full potential of these machines in their music making, the number of modular geeks where building their rack tends to be a more important goal than music production is probably quite high. A nice exception to this self-made up […]
As smartphones and tablets continues to revolutionize the music industry when it comes to ‘create, share and consume’ we are now standing on the brink of the second wave of innovation in music creation. IoT or Internet of Things may well be the next big thing that will push the enevelope in music creation and […]
Every now and then new attempts are made to draw the ultimate genre map of music, and every now and then the attempts are worth sharing – like this one. To plot 1387 genres in one go will probably make you quite dizzy, but in this map you can quite easily jump back and forth. […]
Looking back, it is with a big “I told you so!” as we now in retrospect watched our friends trashing or selling of  their vinyl collections, first in favor of the CD and as of lately in favor of streaming media channels like Deezer, Pandora, Spoitfy, Tidal etc, and now in recent years vinyls are clearly […]
Developer Yotaro Shuto apparently set out 6 years ago to realize a dream in modular beat creation – the result is now live on Kickstarter under the somewhat anonymous name 2020. What actually triggered Yotaro to develop perhaps the most complex next gen beat-machine ever, or at least the most crammed UI, is not fully […]
Frequency modulation is not a new thing and it has certainly been a major force in many classic synth tracks over the years. Most notably of course was Yamaha´s introduction of the DX7. Now in 2016 we are seeing a revived interest in FM synthesis and one of the most recent contributions in this area […]
Few songs have such a unique signature that if anyone would make an attempt to incorporate it into their own compositions it would immediately be recognized, not used by die hard fans but of most of the general listeners. Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby did this in their time and it is quite easy to […]
On April 29th The Ship arrives – a new 47 minutes long journey from the ambient- and electronic music pioneer Brian Eno. The album is a natural consequence of the experimental installations that Eno has been touring with for the past year. Touring through Nau, Nave and now Switzerland Eno´s is clearly following a contemporary […]
This article was originally just intended to let you know that there is a nice interview with Vladimir Kuzmin, the engineer behind the Polivoks Synthesizer, but as we read through the interview we also came to think of the much greater Russian synth legacy and some of the models that perhaps never saw the light […]
This amazing machine will easily blow your mind and start your grey little brain cells cheer of joy. Two thousand marbles are in use to create what you are about to listen to in this video. Here’s a message from the team behind it: The closer the machine gets to be finished the harder it […]
When one thinks of odd and unexpected collaborations in music most likely one of the first you will come to think of is when RUN-DMC made a video together with Aerosmith. Aerosmith was a then over-the-hill rock group who’d fallen out of the spotlight, while Run-DMC was the most prominent group in rap that had yet […]