In an ever increasing jungle of new gear coming out it’s quite seldom you really get amazed of what music engineers have in store for us, but this new music technologies involving fabric and textiles are actually quite intriguing. From the rubbery membrane of the Seaboard MIDI controller to the percussive wooden skin of Expressive E’s Touché, finding ways […]
It´s June and time for a new playlist. We have collected a number of tracks that will get your party started and that sure will fit nicely into any mixset you wish to produce. This time we will go with some real underground techno / electro treats with focus on strong beats and heavy basslines. […]
In a world of streaming music equipment and software platform providers will need to adapt. Although both vinyls and cassettes are making a re-entry into the world of music, streaming services are here to stay. One area that is particularly interesting is the world of DJ-ing. Today there are several providers of apps and software […]
It’s a jungle out there! Well at least if you are trying to navigate the world of free VSTs to power up your DAW or if you are in need of new inspiring instruments for that next project. In case you are a hardcore Propellerhead Reason user this might be a whole new turf of […]