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Your ultimate free VST and plug-in resource for MAC and Windows

At Stereoklang will love everything that's free and works to promote the music creation industry. Across the web we have found several nice synths, effects, and more that we now share with you all. All downloads have been tried by us and as far as possible been checked for viruses.

If you want your free stuff to be featured just send an e-mail to



Freeware: Groove Analogizer – audio controlled drum synthesizer

NUSofting Groove Analogizer

Groove Analogizer is an “audio controlled drum synthesizer”, it means that like a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message. This also means that you must not load, in the host, Groove Analogizer as a VST instrument, it loads as a VST effect, usually in an insert slot.

But it’s really a synth: the sound of three oscillators is triggered and shaped by the audio input in many ways.Groove Analogizer is an “audio controlled drum synthesizer” or a drum tone generator triggered by an audio input rather than a MIDI message.

Groove Analogizer must load as a VST effect, even though it’s actually a closer to a synth. Sounds of three oscillators are triggered and shaped by your audio in. Here’s how triggering works:

Any sort of percussive (meaning anything with a fast attack and moderate to fast decay / release) sound can be triggered in mono or stereo as a .wav file or VST instrument. Three generators each allow you to select left, right or left+right inputs before a band pass filter defines which frequency range will work as the trigger.

This allows you to create different patterns from a single audio source by separating the hi, mid and low tones. You can also use a Pre-Listening feature to monitor your trigger. The Sensitivity control more precisely selects the loudest triggers so that you can take or leave ghost notes as triggers.

If you want to move beyond the 128 presets, you’re afforded ample control:

  • Sound Controls For each generator:
    • Release time: amplitude and pitch envelope time
    • Bending: positive or negative pitch envelope amount
    • Offset : pitch base
    • Timbre: from pure tone to noise, with FM option. New: overtone mode
  • Output Controls For each generator:
    • Effect: send to internal stereo delay
    • Pan: stereo image
    • Volume: output level
  • Master Controls:
    • FM: global amount
    • Smooth: slope time for all envelopes
    • Delay effect controls
    • Dry: output of the trigger (source audio)
    • Master : output level of all three generators

Get it here >>


Blue Cat Audio has announced that they’ll be making their large plugin library available, finally, for Mac OS X.

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing Mac versions of our plugins before the end of the year. The public beta program for our free VSTs started today, while the Audio Units versions are still in work. These releases will also include updates for the PC versions.

We plan to release our freeware plugins first, and our commercial plugins will then follow, most of them being expected before Christmas.

The first release — available now — will be a collection of the Blue Bat Audio Freeware plugs, meaning the first OS X plugin bundle will also be freeware, i.e. it’ll be downloadable at no charge.

Of course, this freeware taste is only a precursor to the “professional” plugins that Blue Cat has announced will be coming in the first quarter of 2009. “Professional” in this context means, of course, that they will be charging for them.

The Freeware Bundle will include a veritable litter of decent plugins:

  • Blue Cat’s Chorus
  • Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter
  • Blue Cat’s Flanger
  • Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst
  • Blue Cat’s Gain Suite
  • Blue Cat’s Phaser
  • Blue Cat’s Stereo Chorus
  • Blue Cat’s Stereo Flanger
  • Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

Not too bad I would say - go get it here >>



basic64 is inspired by the 8 bit sounds of the classic Commodore 64.
It’s not a straight emulation, but is based around the SID chip with some extras for that 8-bit retro game sound, lofi gritty noises or just plain oddness

- 16, 8 or 6 bit sound quality
- 3 oscs, each with their own ADSR envelope
- oscillators can be sync’d and ring modulated by each other
- pitch envelope modulation
- pitch wobble option, for subtle instability
- 2 tempo-sync LFO’s to modulate pitch, cut-off and pulse width
- LFO’s have attack/release curves
- tempo-sync arpegiator
- flexible routing to state variable filter (LP, HP & BP)
- envelopes can be reset or continuous at retrigger
- monophonic or polyphonic option
- midi learn / midi CC support
- 128 presets by sinkmusic & WhiskeyPriest

Download it from here >>


ExperimentalScene has re-released its entire audio product range as Freeware, including the modular virtual studio DarkWave Studio and its VST product range: DGenR8, AntiAlias, and SpatialVerb. All product limitations have been removed so now the electronic music community is able to enjoy this software free of charge.

DarkWave Studio 1.3

DarkWave Studio 1.3 Screenshot
Modern virtual studio for the creation of electronic music.

DGenR8 VST 2.2

DGenR8 VST 2.2 Screenshot
Virtual Analog Drum Module / Synthesizer

SpatialVerb VST 2.2

SpatialVerb VST 2.2 Screenshot
A high end VST reverb effect for Windows VST hosts.

AntiAlias VST 2.2

AntiAlias VST 2.2 Screenshot
Remove aliasing from digital audio with this effect for Windows compatible VST hosts.

RegCompact Pro 2.2

RegCompact Pro 2.2 Screenshot
Compact the Windows registry in order to eliminate internal fragmentation of your system’s registry hives in order to increase registry performance.

For more information, please visit

Here are just a few examples of what you can get at De La Mancha, enjoy!!

These are just effect tools, but they have several instruments as well >>

truc free
Morphing multi-effects
Use 2 xy pads to control 4 banks of effects and any 4 parameters. runs in manual or auto, random or LFO, all fully tempo-sync’d to your host
machin free
Random multi-effects
A probability-based step sequencer triggers any of 6 effects according to their weighting
pfilter free
probability step sequenced filter
Trigger filter cut-off between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
gator free
probability step sequenced gate
Trigger volume between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
sfilter free
step sequenced filter
Vary filter cut-off between 2 values on a tempo-sync step sequencer
audio scrambler
The audio equivalent of a sick dog, it ejects an evil, semi-digested version of whatever you feed it
freq show
bent free
Circuit-bent resynthesizer
Analyses the incoming audio and resynthesizes it using a morphing oscillator, a tempo-sync gate & granulizer and some bent circuitry.
LFO controlled filter/flanger/volume/pan
Customisable LFO waveform to create rhythmic filtering, flanging, volume and panning
kitchen sync
ring modulator
Multi-flavour ring modulation where frequency and wet/dry level are controlled by an XY pad. Each axis can modulated by its own tempo-sync LFO
ring thing
3 band distortion effect
3 band distortion with independant LFO driven filters and 3 flavours of dirt
sumo free
make your sounds fat like a sumo
random FSU
pick a number, any number, who knows what will happen?
black box
moot free
midi latched mute/rhythmic gate/pingpong
Asign any midi key to latch the mute button, add a rhythmic chopping gate for fun
envy free
midi latched 2 channel volume envelopes
Asign any midi key(s) to trigger/latch the independant L and R envelopes


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