As stated on their website Canadian based Dasz Instrument has been working on their new expandable platform for more than 3 years. Now at MusikMesse they are finally ready to go live with what they have been cooking up in their Vancouver basement and a sweet surprise it is.

The interesting thing about this concept is that apart from being expandable it is actually also uniting the user experience. By adding another module to the “Start module” you can actually duplicate the sequencer, the UI and the controls as you please, assuming more or less infinitely. The ability to slice the interface in this way allows for new ways of creating music. The modules are dealing with DSP based synthesis and onboard processing – in other words it’s packed with electronics.


“We’re driven by the desire to create innovative electronic music instruments that are useful, familiar and unique. Our products are crafted to sustain more than just sounds and music. They’re designed to last, grow and adapt to your individual needs while helping maximize your creative potential.”

In the Alex system you start with a main module which gives you four tracks of instruments, mixer, effects, a looper and a step sequencer. If you need more tracks then you simply add another module. Each module contains a built in DSP chip, but this can be expanded if you need more juice. The Alex system is also a comprehensive controller for your external gear, with MIDI outs, and also CV i/o with the CV board expansion.

For LiFT Studios Broadcast 023 Haig Armen talks with Dasz Garncarz, a synth & interface designer about the challenges of interaction design and his work on the Nord Modular G2 synthesizer.

More information and specs will be announced

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