We came across an interesting website the other day that is still under construction, but its ambitions are sure promising. Vintage Synth Explorer in all its glory, but listening on the sounds on all those great vintage machines contributes of course even more to the overall experience. Although currently still in BETA mode Synthsounds.net has done just that – creating an entire site to collecting the sounds of legacy synthesizers. They are expanding their library of sounds as we speak, but already now there are several machines to listen in to. The below capture shows the magnitude of their effort.

Its a wonderful idea by the people behind this very cool poster which features nice simple line drawings of lots of synths. For your information many of the sounds has been contributed by synth connoisseur Benge, which we among other things know from his collaborations with John Foxx and he stated the following about the new site:

“Anyway I have donated some of the tracks from Twenty Systems for their Synthsounds website, so if you go to the page and click on a synth with a red star next to it you can hear audio examples – neat, eh?? Of course if there are synth drawings without sounds and you have the real thing sitting there, go ahead and make a demo and send it in to them. Hopefully soon there will be a full-house of pics and sounds”


Every fancied comparing the sound of every synth with the sound of every other?

Yes, us too. And here it is! A growing compendium of over 300 synths from the first golden age of synths – 1960 – 1990.

It will be expanded to include more recent synths and modular systems, drum machines and samplers in due course.

We hope you enjoy listening to them all and if you have a synth that isn’t currently represented by a sample, then please send it to us at info@synthevolution.net