Arturia has introduced the PolyBrute, a 6-voice analog synthesizer with (as they claim) unprecedented expressivity and sound morphing capabilities.

Arturia seems to be determined to use every possible variation to its Brute line up. At some point one could imagine the MatrixBrute to be their crescendo, but the company appears to be determined to give more brute force to the people. The latest edition the PolyBrute looks to be quite an intriguing addition to the ever growing series of hardware synthesizers. We wouldn’t be surprised if this will be ranked as the best Arturia synthesizer to date.

PolyBrute was built to let you perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion. At its core, it offers 6 analog voices, based on Arturia’s ‘Brute’ oscillators and dual filters. The synth features two Brute oscillators per voice, feeding into dual filters, a Steiner filter and a Moog-style filter. The filters can be patched in series, in parallel, or as a mix of both. The PolyBrute also offers extensive modulation options, including three LFOs per voice and a matrix modulation patching system. At the end of the voice path are 3 types of effect – Modulation, Delay, Reverb – that let create effects from Chorus to BitCrusher, Karplus to BBD delay, Plate to Dreamy reverb.

Imagine using 6 analog voices to craft a sound that’s powerful, raw, and entirely yours. Imagine a sound existing in two states simultaneously in a single preset, with seamless morphing between them. Imagine multi-axis performance controls offering next-generation musical expression. Imagine instant and limitless modulation at your fingertips. Imagine a polysynth made by musicians, for musicians.

PolyBrute features

  • 6-voice analog morphing polysynth.
  • 61-note velocity/pressure-sensitive keyboard.
  • 2 Brute waveshaping oscillators per voice.
  • Noise generator ranging from red to white noise.
  • Dual filter design: Steiner multimode and Dr. Bob Moog’s 24db Ladder.
  • Master filter control and filter FM.
  • 3 LFOs and 3 Envelope Generators.
  • Matrix interface for modulation, sequencing, and preset control.
  • 64 Matrix points for modular-style patching.
  • Each preset has 2 states, seamlessly blended with the Morph control.
  • Split or layer the keybed with the morphable sonic states.
  • Select Poly, Mono, or Unison modes for the keyboard.
  • Revolutionary 3-axis Morphée controller for real-time tactile expression.
  • Assignable ribbon controller above keybed.
  • Pitch wheel and assignable multi-function mod wheel .
  • 64-step sequencer with motion recorder and automation.
  • Multi-mode complex arpeggiator .
  • Built-in stereo digital effects including reverb, chorus, and delay.
  • Left and right unbalanced 1/4″ output jacks.
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru DIN connectivity, plus USB MIDI.
  • PolyBrute Connect software for Mac/PC for easy library and workflow management.
  • Optional wooden legs extra.

The PolyBrute is available for purchase for 2,499 EUR / $2,899 USD.

But what makes the synth unique is the variety and expressive control options it offers. It starts with a velocity/pressure-sensitive keybed, pitch wheel and assignable mod wheel, and foot pedal controller inputs. Performance options include an Arpeggiator, Matrix Arpeggiator and a 64-step polyphonic step sequencer. The PolyBrute panel also offers knob-per-function control, for immediacy in performance and sound design. A Morph knob lets you dynamically move between the A & B states for each patch.

The PolyBrute also features the Morphée controller, a sensor that captures three dimensions of expression. You can map the X and Y touch axes, plus the Z pressure axis, to any destination parameters available in the Mod Matrix. You can also use the Morphée to randomize your sequences or arpeggios with spice, dice, and ratcheting effects. The PolyBrute also includes a ribbon controller. Positioned directly above the keybed, you can assign it to your chosen modulation destination.

For computer integration, Arturia has created PolyBrute Connect, a standalone Mac/PC app and a plugin that lets you organize your patch library and enjoy bi-direction visual editing between software and hardware. This makes it possible to control every PolyBrute parameter via MIDI tracks in your DAW.

More information: Arturia