Jean Michel Jarre hardly needs any introduction so we’re keeping it short this week with merely stating that his studio is mighty impressive – as we did not already know this, too. Perhaps only matched by the famous Kling Klang studio, but that remains to be seen, since few has set their feet there and lived to tell the true story of the german hide out. After making music for 50 years, Jarre has an exquisite collection of rare vintage gear and modern gear alike. In addition to loads of classic gear, it features a digital Mellotron, a large Eurorack modular system an even an acoustic resonator from La Voix du Luthier

“Join us as electronic music pioneer and composer, Jean-Michel Jarre invites us to his recording studio in Paris. His studio is a haven of vintage and modern gear, including a plethora of synths and his @SSLvideos desk. Other highlights include a digital Mellotron, an impressive modular synth rack, @MoogMusicInc Sub37, and a fascinating acoustic speaker.”