Soft Cell had a huge impression on the electronic music scene back in the 80’s and several of their records became classics. Especially so their 12″ maxi-versions which elaborately evolved the original tracks with clever solo pieces and extended use of instruments. The band did not stay on together for long and has for many years focused on solo projects. Marc Almond’s own solo projects was highly acclaimed in his devout exploration of the burlesque and fascination of music flirting with french avant garde and folk songs. However the band have reunited and are now playing a farewell tour and in conjunction with this they are releasing a massive new box set covering their whole career basically. And their is also a new video of the classic track Martin that you can watch below:

The alternate version of the duo’s track will feature on an upcoming box set release which takes in music from across their career. Entitled Keychains & Snowstorms: The Soft Cell Story, the box set encompasses 10 discs across CDs and DVDs.

“To me, this box set is like a modular synthesiser of our collective influences and experiences, all patched into a dangerously overloaded plugboard,” says Dave Ball.

The release will mark the pair’s 40th anniversary and covers both phases of their career from 1978-1984 and onto their 2001-3 reunion. It takes in over 130 tracks and over 12 hours of music, and has been put together with the curation of Almond and Ball themselves.

Featured are newly-remastered full 12″ versions of all the Soft Cell singles and B sides as well as a clutch of previously unreleased material, much of which was only available before on bootlegs or has been created especially for the anthology release.

Keychains & Snowstorms also features a previously unheard full-length live concert recorded in September 1983 in Los Angeles, while there are further live cuts from the duo’s farewell shows in London in January of 1984 as well as from their reunion gigs in 2002 and 2003.

The DVD, featured alongside nine CDs of material, includes nearly four hours of footage, including a complete Soft Cell live show recorded in Leeds in May 1981 as well as TV appearances, documentaries and more.

Keychains & Snowstorms: The Soft Cell Story is set for release on September 7 and you can find all the details here. The duo will play their final live show at London’s O2 on September 30 for which remaining tickets can be purchased here.