Juan Atkins and Wolfgang Flür will come together on the former’s forthcoming Cybotron album. Details of a new Cybotron album, the first from the project since 1995’s Cyber Ghetto, have emerged. Juan Atkins is known as the “Originator” and one of the legendary Belleville Three, alongside Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson.

The album, which will mark Atkins’ return to Cybotron for a full-length album for the first time since 1983 debut Clear, will see the iconic Detroit producer team up with former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür for some tracks. Flür was a drummer for Kraftwerk, joining three years after the German group’s formation in 1973 and remaining as part of the much-loved Krautrockers until 1986.

Further artists contributing to the forthcoming album are yet to be revealed, while a full tracklist, title and release date are also still under wraps.

Juan Atkins returned to Cybotron last year for a series of live shows across Europe. The show incorporated some new material from Atkins under the Cybotron name.

In collaboration with visual technologists Pilot, Cybotron’s live show explores the relationship between music and technology. Pioneering a revolutionary digital lighting and laser control system, multiple layers of audio are fed through a bespoke multi-sensory system as Cybotron play seminal tracks from their back catalogue composed some 40 years ago, as well as pieces from their forthcoming album.

Based on the principles of their futuristic and innovative debut album Enter, this bespoke visual generative engine takes the ‘The Cybotron Principle’ – designed to show that a computer can be as good, if not better than a person when collaborating with music – to the next level. In compositions such as ‘Techno City’, ‘Clear’ and ‘Cosmic Cars’, this live electronic experiment demonstrates a proven synergy between audio and visual technologies.