Out now is the brand new Soft Cell single “Bruises On My Illusions” which also announces the band’s first album in over 20 years for the duo consisting of Marc Almond and Dave Ball.

Singer Marc Almond and keyboardist Dave Ball — the duo behind Eighties hits like “Tainted Love,” “Sex Dwarf,” and “Bedsitter” — will release their new album, “Happiness Not Included” on February 25th, 2022; Soft Cell last released Cruelty Without Beauty in 2002.

The single “Bruises On My Illusions” is available in digital format, plus the CD along with the 12 inch vinyl singles.

Marc Almond explains: “‘Bruises On My Illusions’ is a Soft Cell film noir about a character disillusioned with everything and who still has hope for a better future, despite poor forecasts. A darker version of ‘Bedsitter’. Dave’s challenging and incisive backing vocals inspired this song.”

Dave Ball adds: “It’s one of our darkest cinematic moments with classic Marc Almond lyrics.”

Bonus tracks in the physical format of the single will include remixes of “Bruises On My Illusions” by Dave Ball’s other project, The Grid, as well as by Manhattan Clique. You furthermore get a remix of “Nighthawks” courtesy of Throbbing Gristle legends Chris & Cosey and extended versions of the albumtracks “Happiness Not Included’ and “Heart Like Chernobyl” in addition to the bonus track “Vapourise”.

Despite playing their “last ever final show” in 2018 — at the time, their first concert in 15 years — Soft Cell will return to touring once more in 2022 with a handful of U.K. gigs that will feature *Happiness Not Included tracks alongside a full-album performance of their 1981 classic Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret