Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp have announced Profound Mysteries, which they are calling a “conceptual project” and not an album. With the announcement comes a new single “Impossible” featuring Alison Goldfrapp.

In promotion of the project, Röyksopp has dropped a new single, titled “Impossible,” featuring British vocalist Alison Goldfrapp from the electronic duo Goldfrapp. Along with the new track came a video visualizer posted on YouTube, which was created by Australian artist Jonathan Zawada. The song starts off somewhat simply, with sharp and groovy synths playing over a somewhat slow drumbeat. Throughout the track’s six minute runtime, it continues to gradually build iteslf into a more ambient soundscape. As the track goes on, the repeating synths act as a bassline that continually lose prominence in favor of the building ambient sounds as well as Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals. Goldfrapp’s bright and somewhat soft vocals serve as powerful compliments to the dreamy background created by the electronic duo.

The track’s visualizer is simply a series of morphed and distorted images that are never completely and clearly revealed. Zawada’s hypnotic visualizer works beautifully in guiding the listener to a full experience of the gorgeous soundscapes of Röyksopp and Goldfrapp.

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland aka Röyksopp have released two prior singles “The Ladder” and “(Nothing But) Ashes…” that will both appear on the project.

There have been various visual components that have gone with each of the songs. “The Ladder” was released alongside a Kasper Häggströmur-directed short film “BJA.” “(Nothing But) Ashes…” was released on NYD with a video as well. All of it can be found on the album website.

In 2014 the pair released The Inevitable End, which was supposed to be the final album from the pair. They said that it was a “goodbye to the traditional album format,” but now we have something that looks like an album in the form of Profound Mysteries. It will be released on April 29 in digital, cassette and CD format. Vinyl will be announced at some point. Pre-order Profound Mysteries here.


1. (Nothing But) Ashes…
2. The Ladder
3. Impossible with Alison Goldfrapp
4. This Time, This Place…
5. How The Flowers Grow
6. If You Want Me
7. There, Beyond The Trees
8. Breathe
9. The Mourning Sun
10. Press «R»