Although most people are still eagerly awaiting the return of Daft Punk on stage (and as far as we know no signs of this yet), fans may still get to experience a bit of the magic from Daft Punk in the spring.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of the world-famous French electronic duo Daft Punk have conceptualized a new art installation based on their hit 2005 track, ‘Technologic’. 

In the song, an electronically transposed voice chants technological commands. For example, “Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip, unzip it” are spoken in rhythm to a beat. The video features Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter on a pyramid-themed stage playing the bass guitars shown in the single cover. The lyrics flash as individual words of text on a television monitor set on the stage. The video features a robot character that appears to chant the lyrics of the song. The character is situated in front of the flashing screen between the duo and later appears in a darkened room watching itself on television. 

The installation will be apart of the electro exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris in the French capital which opens on April 9 and will wrap up on August 11.

Since its advent more than thirty years ago in the underground nightclubs of Chicago and Detroit, electronic music has spread around the world. It has given rise to not only a vast musical culture, but also a political and counter-culture dimension. Set to music by Laurent Garnier, this exhibition examines the different facets of the electro phenomenon. “

Daft Punks creation for this immersive showcase will show off an array of animatronics, guitars retrofuturistic costumes and helmets, digital screens, and wooden decor inspired by this iconic track from the duo’s 2005 album, ‘Human After All’.

And the fun doesn’t stop at Daft Punk. The audiovisual event that will present light installations, sculptures, photographs and multi-projections focused on electronic music. To do this, the exhibition has tapped a number of legendary artists to participate.

Some of these names helping with this large-scale spectacle include Kraftwerk (who have locked in three unique audiovisual performances surrounding the showcase), Jean-Michel Jarre and Laurent Garnier who has prepared 11 exclusive mixes that will soundtrack the expo.

Learn more about the Electro Exhibition at Philharmonie de Paris by going here.