A couple of guys meet up in a bar somewhere and enjoys a couple of shots of Tequila. So what, you may ask? 
Well,  when the trio consists of Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle (former Oberheim employee), then maybe we should take notice. 

The video released today is titled Welcome Back. Oberheim has shared this video, saying that, 35 years after it ceased operations, “Oberheim is back. And a new chapter is about to begin.”

It’s a teaser announcement at this point, but the announcement suggests that new Oberheim-branded synths are on the way, and possibly a new take on the OB-X or OB-Xa. The video features Tom Oberheim, former Oberheim engineers Marcus Ryle (co-founder of Line 6/co-creator of the ADAT) and Tony Karavidas, and Sequential’s Dave Smith. Based on the video description, it sounds like a Oberheim has a new synth to announce, created in collaboration with Smith and the Sequential team.

They add, “Get ready to party like it’s 2099.”

You heard that right: Oberheim is back.
And a new chapter is about to begin. Brought to you by Tom Oberheim, former Oberheim engineers Marcus Ryle (co-founder of Line 6/co-creator of the ADAT) and Tony Karavidas, with Sequential’s Dave Smith and his team.
Visit oberheim.com to sign up for updates on what’s in the works.
And get ready to party like it’s 2099. ———————————————-
Video Cast: Tom Oberheim, Marcus Ryle, Dave Smith, and Tony Karavidas. Music by Julian (J3PO) Pollack

According to the video, they are doing things together again. Sequential, now a Focusrite brand, is once again working with Tom Oberheim on a new product. After the OB-6 this will be then the second product of the two legendary developers. Whether it will be an OB-X reissue under Sequential branding is not known. We’d be more excited about an OB-X reimagined. An analog OB-X-style Synthesizer with a modern feature set.