The sound of metal and the ambient sound of liquid metals represent the latest venture that Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones has introduced on their Fractal fantasy platform. The Barcelona pair Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke have used Fractal Fantasy to release a series of supercharged, audio-visual club constructions, including Hawke’s collaborations with L-Vis 1990, MikeQ and P. Morris and Jones’ brief-but-banging ‘Moonstar’.

Their latest creation Liquid Entropy allows the users to “play” CG molten metal. Play this fascinating synth at the Liquid Entropy site here.

Below you will find an Ableton Loop Installation by Mika Chernov, Ezra Miller, Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones.

“The initial working title was ‘Liquid Wall’ because the visual looked like a wall made of liquid metal – however, as we were porting it to the web browser, we noticed a few parameters gave it chaotic and unpredictable characteristics,” Hawke explains. “At this point, I thought of the entropy,” Chernov adds. “The term comes from physics where it used as a measure of disorder and chaos. We combined some of the variables in one “entropy” parameter that handles overall chaos and order amount.”

Using Liquid Entropy is easy: you just load it up in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and trace the cursor through the CGI goo, which looks a lot like Terminator 2’s T-1000 in liquid form. The ripples create rising metallic tones that sound like they’re stretching out into infinity; controls let you add reverb, vibrato, delay and tweak other parameters. In a split second, its tones can shift from heavenly moods to something considerably more sinister, giving you the sensation you’re floating over an alien planet full of extraterrestrial flora and fauna.

So go on over and explore a myriad of metal contorts, ripples and fractures. Change the vibrato rate of your mouse movements to alter the sound, and customize delay and filter settings to alter its tone. Using the “Entropy” and “Worm” settings, your movements across the screen will puncture the metal with wormholes, altering visual modulation.

Fractal Fantasy is also very active on SoundCloud:

Hawke and Chernov will also be premiering a “completely different theremin-style instrument” at Sónar Festival in Barcelona this summer, another creation spawned at Ableton Loop. “We actually have a few variations of Liquid Entropy that we may unveil some time down the road,” hints Hawke.