Tresor has released its 30-year anniversary compilation, Tresor 30. The rather large box set has 52 songs and includes tunes from some of the Tresor veterans, plus new artists to the label. Tresor was founded in 1991 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Carin Abdulá, head agent at OUTER Agency, handled the curation with help from DJ Deep. The first single on the compilation is by Huey Mnemonic, “Transmutation” and arrives with a music video by Shohei Fujimoto.

The label wanted to highlight some of the people who have shaped the Tresor sound like Underground Resistance, Surgeon, DJ Minx, Jeff Mills, DJ Stingray, Drexciya, Juan Atkins, K-Hand and Robert Hood, plus newcomers who further the sound that Tresor is looking for.

The compilation arrives digitally and in a large box set with 12 records. Get your digital copy wherever you do that and pick up the box set if you can afford it on the Tresor website.

“Since 1991, Tresor has provided a home for artists to germinate their ideas for advanced new sounds and broadcast them to the world. The pioneers that first traversed the Detroit-Berlin connection and were at the forefront of a new cultural movement gave to Tresor its original and continuing mission: community, resistance and reshaping the world to come.

The Tresor 30 compilation represents a major landmark in this continuing history of electronic music. This unique collection of music profiles some of the artists that gave the previous three decades of Tresor its sound and foundation, but it also casts its gaze forward. Writing new postcards from the future, this collection brings new artists who main- tain a connection to that original mission to the fore, charting ways in which this ethos can contin- ue to build bridges and break walls in the next 30 years.


A1. Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier (Nomadico Remix)
A2. Huey Mnemonic – Transmutation
B1. D. Strange – Metal Mono
B2. Speaker Music – focus.point.shoot
C2. Juan Atkins – I Love You
D1. rRoxymore – MULTIPLICITY
D2. Helena Hauff feat. Paris The Black Fu – Electronic Future
E1. Lara Sarkissian – In The Form Of A Sphinx
E2. Jeff Mills – Late Night
E3. K-HAND – Boiler
F1. Claude Young – In Circles
F2. Porter Ricks – Anguilla Electrica
G1. Basic Channel – Phylyps Base
G2. Moritz von Oswald – Segment
H1. Donato Dozzy – Le Confort Electronique
H2. Verraco – Umbral de dolor
I1. KMRU – neutral points
I2. Surgeon – Berlin Disease
I3. Regis + James Ruskin present O/V/R – Natural Enemies
J1. Claudia Anderson – Track 3
J2. machìna – Trio
K1. Robert Hood – Master Builder (Sandman Option)
K2. Function – Mirror Hour
L1. LSDXOXO – Love In Allegiance
L2. Sophia Saze – Curtains
M1. Blake Baxter – One More Time (Acid Mix)
M2. SHE Spells Doom – Splash
N1. DJ Minx – Dequindre Cut
N2. Whodat – Grit
O1. Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Madmen
O2. Daniel Bell – Still Buggin’
P1. Bergsonist – Tout Maintenant
P2. Loidis – In The Place I Sit
Q1. Drexciya – Jazzy Fluids
Q2. Russell E.L. Butler – James Stinson On A Beach In The Mid-Atlantic
R1. DJ Stingray – Bioplastics
R2. Jensen Interceptor – Seas Of Rage
S1. Terrence Dixon – The Way I See It
S2 Nandele feat. Roberto Chitsonzo, Jr. – 42567
T1. Ectomorph – It Knows Your Name
T2. Simulant – The Purpose Of Simulation
U1. TYGAPAW – Diffusus
U2.. Joey Beltram – GameForm
U3. Nene H – Only Words Break Silence
V1. FJAAK – Lovers
V2. Yazzus – Turn Of Speed
W1. Grand River – Santa Loria
W2. TV Victor – Change On
X1. Carlota – Breakfast On The Moon
X2. Torus – Deep Mid
X3. Mareena + JakoJako – 30 Perlen