Mary Anne Hobbs has announced that David Sylvian will take part in a special show on BBC 6 Music later this month, the musician’s first major engagement with the media in fifteen years.

Speaking on her show, Hobbs said: “David Sylvian has been comfortable in his own silence for the best part of 15 years, but of course there’s also a great joy in an artist surfacing after such an extended period of time to share some of their thoughts and ideas.”

She revealed that Sylvian has recorded an audio diary from his home in rural New Hampshire, which will be broadcast as part of a special show titled ‘Spirit Of Sylvian’ on 27 October.

In addition, Hobbs said, “you’ll hear artists who’ve influenced David, contemporary musicians that he’s inspired, his own collaborations and solo work, and also some music that I would like to play to David.”

You can listen back to the announcement on Mary Anne Hobbs’ show via BBC Sounds.