Rumours have been frequent the last couple of days – what is the French duo up to? Now we have been blessed with some updates. Daft Punk has unveiled its 10th anniversary edition of the iconic album coupled with previously unreleased tracks and global celebrations. So, dive into the world of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories like never before with 35 minutes of unreleased music, exclusive AR experiences, and a mesmerizing final music video. Celebrate a decade of musical innovation and rediscover the magic behind the robots.

May we hope for a world tour?

Daft Punk has unveiled the Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition, a celebratory expansion of their iconic, 5x Grammy-winning, and 2x Platinum last album. The new edition offers 35 minutes of unreleased music across nine tracks, including outtakes, demos, and songs from the original recording sessions. Among these previously unreleased tracks is “Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo),” a collaboration with Julian Casablancas that predates their RIAA Platinum-certified track “Instant Crush.” Casablancas describes the song as “lovely and bizarre,” featuring a “jazz modern” chord progression and “island summer vibes.”

A shown above a video for “Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)” was premiered at an exclusive event at the Center Pompidou in Paris to mark the release. Directed by long-time Daft Punk collaborator Warren Fu, the video features a continuous, evolving walk cycle as an open metaphor. The animation was created by collaborating with three studios: Picnic Studios in London, H5 Studio in Paris, and Light Studios in Paris. Fu says the project is particularly dear to him, as it represents the final music video for Daft Punk.

Snapchat’s AR Studio has also joined in the celebrations with the launch of “Daft Punk: Memories Unlocked,” a series of augmented reality experiences for fans worldwide. This three-part event includes a custom AR-generated track reveal, a global treasure hunt in ten cities, and an extensive billboard campaign featuring QR code-triggered AR experiences in major cities.

Random Access Memories continues to attract fans a decade after its initial release, garnering new RIAA certifications for multiple tracks. The 10th Anniversary Edition is available in various formats, including 3 LPs, 2 CDs, streaming, and download, allowing fans to explore this unforgettable album’s rich history and creative process.

The new release’s tracklist showcases the depth and breadth of Daft Punk’s musical experimentation, including outtakes and early versions of fan-favorite tracks. The expanded edition offers a glimpse into the creative process and the inspirations behind the original album, further solidifying the duo’s lasting impact on electronic music.