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Casio has now announced a new keyboard that includes a one-of-a-kind vocal synthesiser. The CT-S1000V is the world’s first voice synthesiser that can convert any text into a musical phrase and then “sing” it in complete harmony using any notes played on its keys.

The vocal synthesiser on the CT-S1000V has 22 different sorts of voices, “including talkboxes, processed choirs, robot voices, vocoders, and whispered voices,” all of which can be adjusted with parameters like gender, age, and vibrato. Aside from vocal synthesis, the device offers a wide range of sounds and rhythms, including the same outstanding tones as the CT-S1. This instrument contains 800 tones, when the previous one had just 61. Furthermore it comes with three assignable real-time controllers, a large assortment of synth sounds (including some legendary CZ & VZ vintage tones), and 150 arpeggiator effects.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to finally reveal our stellar new product – the CT-S1000V. This innovative keyboard will deliver a musical experience like no other, thanks to its Vocal Synthesis technology.

“Being able to convert text into vocalised phrases, offers musicians all kinds of endless fun and unlimited creative possibilities. We are sure that this new keyboard will inspire a whole new generation of music makers worldwide.”

The CT- S1000V will be available to purchase for RRP £429, and the CT-S500 will have a price of RRP £379.

Long time no hear, may or may not be a good thing, but it does appear as the Japanese giant has something interesting going on. It’s really been a while since we’ve seen any new synthesis from Casio who as we know have a bit of history there.

The 19-second video shows the synthesiser, which looks to be red and black in colour and is accompanied by a robotic voice saying, “Do you hear the music?” — implying that vocoding abilities will be included.

From what can be seen from the teasers it looks like it will have four octaves, a display, and vocoder or vocal processing of some sort if the audio in the videos is from the actual synth. We are of course hoping it will be fully programmable.

Casio originally teased the synth in late 2021 with a different short film titled Are You Ready? in which it disclosed that the synth will be powered by Casio’s AiX technology, which is also featured in their CT-X keyboards.

Acoustic instruments such as guitars, bass, brass, string ensembles, and others may now be reproduced.