We happily admit never been to Kazakhstan, but after seeing this video we are so tempted to go there immediately. Deep house staged in this remote place with an awesome dancer. Astana – the city has only been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, and during that time has developed into one of the most modernized cities in Central Asia, attracting some of the world’s best architects to design its slick skyline and buildings.

Contemporary Dancer Madina Beisekeyeva explores the surreal landscapes of her futuristic hometown Astana. In under four minutes she takes us on a dance extravaganza through the hyper modern architecture of Kazakhstan’s s only twenty year old capital. The music is by Deep House Producer Mount & Electronic Dance Duo Plastic. The video was shot in just two days. Berlin Film Collective, Spingun, and Director, Johannes Jelinek, covered sixteen locations in less than forty hours.

Uk based Spingun describes themselves like this: “We are about craft, elegance, charm and simplicity. We are about destruction and passion. We are about bringing opposites together, we try new things because there is no point in doing it any other way. ”

Austrian based producer Mount. is probably most recognized for the track Once again, view it below: