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A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to listen to the first single from experimental minimal techno artist OO_A LR5_N. Now the full size EP album has hit all digital distribution channels, like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc. There is also an opportunity to buy the album on Bandcamp and in doing so you will also receive a bonus track that is not available through streaming services.

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The album named ‘10010 Reductive rhythms’ is six track EP moving in the same directions as other contemporary experimentalists like Kyoka, AGF, Pokk!, Codex Empire, and Parallx. This implies a delicate balance of noise, repetitive beats, quirky sounds, vocoder samples and hypnotic grooves. Some tracks will point to the direction of WWII radio communications, like the track Repeat that starts off the record, other will go in a more quirky direction almost flirting with the likes of Devo in the final upbeat track on the record called Rhythmic. Rhythmic uses vocoderized vocals to generate repetitive beats for the underground club scenes.


According to the artist the inspiration to the track Repeat comes from the use of Enigma machines during the war. Like rotor machines, the Enigma machine is a combination of mechanical and electrical subsystems. The mechanical subsystem consists of a keyboard; a set of rotating disks called rotors arranged adjacently along a spindle; and one of various stepping components to turn at least one rotor with each key press. The mechanical parts act in such a way as to form a varying electrical circuit. When a key is pressed, one or more rotors move to form a new rotor configuration, and a circuit is completed. When in use the sounds are massive and very electric creating the perfect scenery for the track Repeat.

Minimal techno beats are multiplied, pitched and manipulated as we move through reduction of sounds that marks the essence of ‘10010 Reductive rhythms’. Reduction is key to many of the tracks – a piece where static, rigidly phased rhythms intertwine with one another… glitch noises which bring to mind neurotransmittorers seem like a collection of inorganic rhythms. OO_A LR5_N summarizes the idea behind the EP by saying; …unique geometric hard rhythmic inorganic minimalist electronic particle…originality full of experimental sound…

FYI: The field of electronic dance music has limitless possibilities for experimentation, so Experimental Minimal Techno has a similarly wide range of styles — from the disc-error clicks and scratches of European experimenters Oval and Panasonic to the off-kilter effects (but straight-ahead rhythms) of Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, and Si Begg. Experimental techno can also include soundscape terrorists such as Twisted Science, Nonplace Urban Field, and Atom Heart; digital-age punks like Alec Empire; and former industrial stalwarts under new guises, such as Scorn, Download, or Techno Animal. Any artist wishing to take electronic dance places it’s never been can be characterized as experimental, and for better or worse, that includes a large cast.

10010 Reductive rhythms – Track listing

1 Repeat
2 Reduction
3 Tempo
4 Accelerate
5 Premonition
6 Rhythmic
7 10010 (Bonus track – Bandcamp only)

Technical data

The album is the result of intense knob twitching on a Moog SUB 37 to create experimental loops and beats. A lot of the background noise comes from an Arturia MicroBrute, paired with some pad sounds emanating from a Kawai K5000s. However a gross part of the heavy lifting both when it comes to loops, pads, noise is also the result of heavy utlization of the Propellerhead Reason DAW, and all audio manipulation has been done in Reason.

The album has been mastered in the Stereoklang STHLM studio by the multi-talented electro mind ZooTooK. He has also had an instrumental impact on many of the releases that OO_A LR5_N has been involved in, e.g. DATAMASKIN and Steelberry Clones.


OO_A LR5_N is a Swedish artist focusing on electronic and experimental music. For more then 20 years he has explored different genres and styles within electronic music many under different artist or band names, such as Datamaskin, Steelberry Clones, Zoo Systems and Bears in Nippon. With his solo project OO_A LR5_N explores modular noise, minimal techno, ambient beats and static beats.












Selection of previous work by the same artist:

Airport taken from the album ‘Retrosonic Voices’ by DATAMASKIN
The album was released on all digital channels on December 12th 2015

Listen to the full album on Spotify and iTunes:




01 Electro Pop
02 Airport
03 Next Generation
04 Cyber Sex
05 Black Web
06 United Nations
07 Electric Dreams
08 Victims Of Fashion
09 Rings Of Saturn
10 Apollo

Members of DATAMASKIN:
Ola L – Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming and Production
Team – Machines, Programming, co-production

Minimal techno track by the lo-fi electronica team KEPLER-16B, fully exploiting minimal sounds, rhythms and massive repetitions to create that special groove.

KEPLER-16B’s previous track Civilization II became fairly popular in the socal media channels among low-fi tronica fans, now it is time for som even more minimalist tunes as we embark on a journey on their latest track called Infinte loops. Minimal techno is a minimalist subgenre of techno.It is characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the use of repetition and understated development. Minimal techno is thought to have been originally developed in the early 1990s by Detroit-based producers Robert Hood and Daniel Bell. By the early 2000s the term ‘minimal’ generally described a style of techno that was popularised in Germany by labels such as Kompakt, Perlon, and Richie Hawtin’s M-nus, among others.