It´s June and time for a new playlist. We have collected a number of tracks that will get your party started and that sure will fit nicely into any mixset you wish to produce. This time we will go with some real underground techno / electro treats with focus on strong beats and heavy basslines. Below is the full list and below it we will feature a couple of highlights

1. Radiance (Original Mix) – Cryptik
Co founder and resident DJ at the infamous and highly respected Asylum Afterhours (Ranked in DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs from 2011-2014, voted one of the five best intimate clubs in the world-DJ Mag March 2014).

2. Behind The Sun (Re-Kon Dub) – Ø [Phase]

3. Small Format (Original Mix) – Ron Costa

4. Psycholka (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Voigt
German electronic musician, co-founder and co-owner of Kompakt, Cologne based label and record store. Grown up and socialized in the pop sub-culture of the 1970s and 1980s, Voigt has developed his own art and sound that cross genres, mixing music styles such as glam rock, pop, jazz, classic, punk, and new wave, and art movements such as pop art and the Neue Wilde (the ‘New Wild Ones’). In the late 1980s, he caught acid house fever, and since then Voigt has committed himself uncompromisingly to the straight (techno music) bass drum.

5. Submerge (Original Mix) – Andre Galluzzi
André Galluzzi has been a vinyl DJ for 25 years. With residencies at TRESOR, OSTGUT and BERGHAIN and releases on labels like CADENZA; COCOON, OsTGUT TON and HIGHGADE, the co-founder of TAKSI Rec. and label head of ARAS can look back at quite a history.

6. FlashCrash (Dubspeeka Remix) – AFFKT feat Sutja Gutierrez

7. On Hold (Original mix) – Pepote

8. Casino (Trev’dub) – Trevino

9. Dream Confusion (Original Mix) – TKNO

10. Ologram (Original mix) – Danny Daze, rHr.
Heavily praised for his versatility, DJ and producer Danny Daze continues to smash expectations with an omnivorous groove rooted in Detroit Techno, Italo Disco, and Miami Bass. Daze’s freeform selecting and mercurial mixing guarantees the only thing audiences can expect is a musical experience where everything is up for grabs. Combined with his entrepreneurial acumen, Daze’s touch has made him one of his generation’s most compelling artists. Steeped in Miami’s B-boy culture, Daniel Gomez adopted his Daze moniker early on at his mother’s suggestion. Practicing on a set-up she bought him, Danny Daze was spinning at weddings by age 14, funneling his earnings into vinyl to play raves on the side. Danny’s esoteric sets quickly attracted adventurous and loyal crowds. Pushing himself to the next level, Danny produced his first tracks on a cracked version of Fruity Loops in 2004 and jumpstarted a techno white label a year later. In 2011, the School of Audio Engineering valedictorian broke through with “Your Everything” featuring kindred rebel, DJ and producer Louisahhh on vocals.

11. Insomnia (Original Mix) – Z.I.P.P.O
Introduced to the international scene since the very young age of 15, in January 14 Z.I.P.P.O produced ‘Symmetrical therapy’ for the German label ‘Figure’.This first big step,affirmed his work as not only listened to,but highly appreciated by the current music scene.A few months later,Zippo released another breakthrough Ep: “Collected Works pt.1” published by the ‘Involve’ label.This,along with the aforementioned ‘Symmetrical Therapy’ has helped Z.I.P.P.O build a reputation as one of the most promising Techno DJ’s in Italy.Another production worth mentioning is 3KZ, a progeny created in collaboration with the producer Kaelan.Described as an unpredictable, wishful thinker, Kaelan and Z.I.P.P.O have found great chemistry in their working relationship.

12. Salie (Original Mix) – Regal (ES)

13. Consignia (Truncate Remix) – Truncate, Kamera UK

14. Whispers of Love (Original Mix) – Regal (ES)

15. Quatar (Audio Injection Remix) – Mikael Jonasson
Stockholm-based Mikael Jonasson is a long serving DJ and producer who
continues to push the boundaries of modern club music with his amazingly crafted, rather rare techno productions. With recent releases on labels like Drumcode, Figure, Octopus Recordings and Phobiq, Mikael has earned the support and attention from the key players all around the globe. With a busy schedule of gigs all around Europe, including several stops at legendary Berghain in Berlin, Mikael have had the pleasure of sharing stage with talented colleagues such as Adam Beyer, Len Faki and Joseph Capriati.

16. Space Programm (Flug Remix) – Simo Lorenz

17. Royal (Original Mix) – Regal (ES)

18. Short Circuit (Original Mix) – Andre Crom
Constant change. Known as globally touring DJ and the man behind OFF Recordings for many years, 2016 sees massive changes for Andre Crom. He embarked on a journey in many ways, physically (from Berlin to Barcelona), musically (from house to techno), and artistically, from being primarily a DJ, to becoming a full-fledged music producer. After years of global touring, mostly based on headin.