When you thought everything was done with Devo continues to deliver, or at least Gerald V. Casale does (in his own way of course).

Gerald V. Casale, a pioneer in the New Wave genre, has released a groundbreaking “4-Dimensional” music video for his track “Lounge: Pay U Back”. This release is part of his newly reissued The Invisible Man EP, which is available for purchase directly from GeraldVCasale.com.

Casale collaborated with 4D Fun Studios, the video employs an advanced volumetric capture system, creating a 360° virtual CG environment from reality, using 32 digital scanning cameras.

This version of “I’m Gonna Pay U Back” features a ‘Lounge’ style reinterpretation, marking Casale’s first collaboration with Foo Fighters’ new drummer Josh Freese. Steve Bartek, the lead guitarist of OingoBoingo, also joins this unique musical venture. The video showcases digital avatars of all three musicians in an alternate 4-Dimensional reality.

Casale has always been pushing boundaries of what can be done with video, bending technology to his will to help shape and extend the Devo world, and like the plastic reality of the video for ‘The Invisible Man‘ last year, the compelling psychedelic weirdness only intensifies with time.

The track appears on the crystal-clear 12-inch vinyl reissue of ‘The Invisible Man‘, available now from Jerry’s website.

Find out more at geraldvcasale.com

Gerald Casale, an early MTV icon with DEVO, is credited with directing iconic videos like “Whip It” and “Beautiful World”. Even at 75, he continues to push the boundaries of audio-visual entertainment.

Gerald V. Casale is not only a founding member of DEVO but also a prolific songwriter and music video director. His portfolio extends beyond DEVO, having directed videos for The Cars, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Rush, and A Perfect Circle, among others. His influence spans over 50 music videos and numerous television commercials.