It is that time of year again and the one of the first ones out is KORG. KORG has announced a slew of new products, including the successor to the microKORG synthesizer and a compact, refreshed version of the KingKORG.

The new microKORG 2 has evolved to a more powerful, more flexible and richer level.

While retaining some of the iconic aspects of the original, including the convenient portable size, easy to play mini keybed, the large dial for selecting program genres or the vocoder with dedicated mic, the new microKORG offers a completely new, powerful sound engine, many more useable programs, a visually astounding user interface, and so much more.

The new microKORG features a gorgeous 2.8-inch full-color IPS LCD display that not only makes editing incredibly easy and intuitive, but brings immediate information and instant gratification as users can visually shape and “see” their sounds. As well as a powerful vocal processor with harmonizer and hard-tuning functions, the new microKORG also features a loop recorder that makes it the perfect production and performance tool for today’s diverse music world and beyond.

Korg Re-release the Legendary PS-3300 FS. The Korg PS-3300 is one of the legendary synths from back in the day, rare has the proverbial rocking horse poo, the fully polyphonic semi-modular is one of those holy grail synths -the amount of electronics packed in the 49 note polyphonic synthesizer (the original had only 48) is not to be underestimated.

The PS-3300 FS is a full-scale reissue of the original Korg PS-3300, a legendary and ultra-rare synthesizer designed by legendary Korg engineer Fumio Mieda and produced by Korg in very limited numbers from 1977 to 1981.

The PS-3300 FS reissue marks a new milestone in synth history, and the latest achievement by the same Korg engineering team that brought back iconic machines such as the MS-20, ARP ODYSSEY, miniKORG 700 FS and ARP 2600.

“Bringing back to life these legendary machines is not only a process of reproducing circuits and sounds, but also of learning and embracing the essence of the philosophy and development of synthesizers.

Through this project I was able to relive the history of Korg and a critical moment in the evolution of our synthesizers. This was an extremely valuable experience that provided an opportunity for Korg’s philosophy and technology to be carried on to future generations.” (Yoshihito Yamada, Chief Engineer of Korg Analog Synthesizers)

The KingKORG has returned in a compact 37 Full-size key model with fresh, new sounds, great vocoder, and a refreshed new look. A virtual analog synth that stands in a league of its own, the KingKORG NEO is designed for today’s musician.

This compact powerhouse combines a classic analogue-like synth layout with swift, intuitive editing, offering an unmatched level of depth and flexibility.

With its XMT sound engine, 37 full-size keys, dynamic vocoder, and a suite of user-friendly features, the KingKORG NEO is more than just a synthesizer; it’s a comprehensive tool for artists who aspire to explore new realms of sound and push the boundaries of musical creativity.

Based on the sound engine of the original, the number of simultaneous voices and voicings on the newly announced opsix mk II has been expanded to 64 voices, resulting in superior performance and precise control.

The opsix Operator Mixer simplified FM synthesis for the first time, making it not just comprehensible but also controllable. With the addition of extra synthesis capabilities and programming, it offered a more efficient workflow and an even richer sound.

And, it is fully compatible with the sounds and samples from both the original opsix and the opsix Native software, including numerous high-quality libraries.

KORG has also announced new module versions of the opsix, modwave and wavestate.

The popular Korg digital synth family is now available in module form, catering to the needs of musicians and producers in need of these incredible new sound sources but who demand more flexible setup options and do not necessarily need a keyboard.

Can be rack mounted (height 4U) or can be placed on a table at several angles (15 or 45 degrees). Supports MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange as well as AfterTouch.

Other announcements include the KR-11 compact and simple rhythm box that offers a fun way to practice and play anywhere and anytime, PaAS MK2 PA-series amplification system for Pa5X, Pa4X and Pa3X, completely redesigned Grandstage X stage piano with a striking new look and inspiring new sounds, and two new DIY kits: NTS-1 digital kit mkII and NTS-3 kaoss pad kit.

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