The Knife personas Karin and Olof are both succeful in their own right and below we can see the result of their latest endavours:

The “Shiver” video sees Fever Ray’s Karin Dreijer and creative collaborator Martin Falck continuing to expand the visual world of “Radical Romantics”, closing the chapter on their protagonist, Main, as they are sent off to the ever-shifting sands of time.

Directed by Falck and starring International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation pro bodybuilder Irene Andersen, the video was inspired by the “Lovers of Valdaro“, the pair of 6000 year-old human skeletons in Italy that were discovered “locked in an eternal embrace”.

Dreijer and Falck elaborate: “We fantasized about what might have happened to these two skeletons. Were they so in love they had their mouths and noses too close to each other, or couldn’t stop kissing so they died of carbon monoxide poisoning? Or did a dinosaur kill them, and they died in fear holding each other? Was it a volcano, and they were protecting themselves from the lava burning their flesh? Maybe they weren’t in love at all; perhaps they were lifelong enemies facing their final struggle strangling each other? We felt there was a beautiful story there about the struggles of falling in love and the vulnerability you might feel being ‘examined’ by your love interest who wants to make sure you really are the one they can trust and form a relationship with, that will last for eternity.”

Featuring three new tracks by the Swedish artist, the release marks his debut for the UK label AD 93. You can listen to the record’s title track just below. Speaking about it, Dreijer said: “I wanted to make something that feels hopeful, a melody that you feel in the gut, something physical, and with funny and cute elements in the rhythm, things I wanted more of in dance music.”

The announcement of Coral follows on from Dreijer’s return to releasing music last year, which he marked with the three-track Rosa Rugosa EP for Hessle Audio, and a collaborative record with Mt. Sims based around the steel drum, titled Souvenir.

Dreijer is set to release more new music later this year, and has also been confirmed for appearances at this year’s Sónar Barcelona and Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam.