Tired of searching for new tracks and loops, but still want explore new sounds? Well why not let an AI do the job for you. A new site streams Techno And Deep House generated on-the-fly by a computer, for what it is worth we may add.

Petr Serkin’s new Eternal Flow website and app is a nice example of how fertile generative music could be for dance producers and fanatics alike. It points to new horizons and ideas in techno production without having to commit to the completely alien logic of neural networks.

Halfway between a generative radio station and infinite techno playlist, Eternal Flow applies the principles of generative music—that is, the logic, rules and structures governing contingency—to randomly morph and transition between different musical ideas and patterns. No two listening experiences are the same, but they are always absorbing.

And just like Eno’s “Reflection” generative piece, Serkin has designed an app and a portable generative player—a separate device almost like an iPod—so you can bring these seriously deep techno loops on the go.

Check out the Eternal Flow website to begin and check out how it works in the video below. 

Want to learn more? Then Teropa may be something for you. As the author of the site explains, the term “generative music” describes a sound that is ever-changing: it’s different each time you listen to it. Terry Riley’s infamous “In C”, for example, provides a blueprint for an indefinite number of musicians to play a series of melodic fragments at once, so no two performances of the piece will ever be the same. The website even lets you click around a graphical rendering of the composition to experiment with for yourself.

“The thing about music like this is that they are actually of almost infinite length. They simply don’t reconfigure the same way again. This is music for free in a sense. The considerations that are important, then, become questions of how it works and most important of all, what you feed into it,” Brian Eno said of generative systems. Read up on this fascinating musical form by visiting the website here.