“A musical program that explores the intricacies of time and space”

Techno pioneer Jeff Mills has teamed-up with the UK-based radio station NTS and NASA for an exploratory six-part radio series titled ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’. The program, written, produced and presented by Mills will focus on exploring high-level concepts in intergalactic theories, parallel realities and the “intricacies of time and space” while showcasing the icon’s favorite pieces in classical, electronic and jazz.

As a pioneering techno DJ and producer, the Detroit native can now work on some fascinating projects. Throughout the series, Jeff invites critically acclaimed experts and world renowned guest musicians to help present his curated topics alongside his personal compositions.

The first chapter of the radio program titled ‘Black Hole’ is set to air on Wednesday January 17 at 2 pm GMT.

The episode will be split into four different segments and feature original music by Jeff Mills with performances from pianist Kathleen Supové and violinist Thomas Gould. So, the project will step outside of electronic music with completely new and unreleased music by Jeff Mills and others. It will include jazz, classical and also electronic music with scientific direction and imagery by NASA.

Consistently subscribing to cosmic themes in his own work and label selections, Mills hopes that his new radio program will pique the interest of his fans and educate a new demographic on astrophysics. He stated in an interview:

“‘The Outer Limits’, titled after a science fiction US TV series in the 1960s is yet another opportunity for me to explore the unknown through music and fantastical storytelling. The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost. This is something that I believe each and every one of us needs more of. These episodes will be told in an uncompromising manner, constructed in ways conventional radio dares not explore. ‘The Outer Limits’ is informative, providing useful information, but in a never before seen format …”

The following five episodes are set to occur at various dates throughout the year with the last episode airing on December 28. Learn more here.

Speaking of space

At the schools STE(A)M program (integrating the arts with science, technology, engineering & mathematics) Caitlin demonstrates using data from the International Space Station to create a sick bassline with a modular synth.

As part of their research we have been looking at historic data collected on board the ISS. Here Caitlin explains how she extracted cyclic data from it and used it to create wavetables for the E352 Cloud Terrarium. Once she had created the .wav file she imported into the Synthesis Technology Waveedit program to create the wavetables (see one of her previews videos for details on how to use this program). She then explains how she modulates the wavetables with MATHS before having a quick jam with her newly created wavetables! Caitlin demos this with The Mad Music Machine – a Eurorack modular synth, created as a STE(A)M project at a UK primary school’s Code Club.