Stereoklang resident TEGEL has today released a new six track EP – available on all streaming channels. The EP AM / PM spans across tecno, minimal techno, addictive rhythms and ambient soundscapes, which has become the trademark of the Swedish act TEGEL.

Below you will find the headline track Crazy. It contains all the signature sounds of TEGEL; fast beats, driving electronic sounds and a heavy bassline.


The six track EP follows in the lines of the two previous releases; Gravity and Desolation in Forlorn Districts, focusing on captivating rhythms, hard hitting drums and raving synths. AM / PM will go live on all streaming platforms + Bandcamp today, Friday the 20th of January.

“Best in class minimal techno. My associations goes back to Speedy J, Plastikman and LFO in their respective most inspiring moments.”, ZMM

Bandcamp exclusives:

The album is also available on Bandcamp and contains two additional and previously unreleased remixes which will not be available via streaming channels. From the Album Gravity – MASS Space Remix From the Album Desolation in Forlorn Districts – Longyearbyen – Pulse Remix

TEGEL explores the sonic experiences in everyday modern situations, both from a scientific and a human standpoint – examining how they came to be an essential pulse and rhythm in urban life.
The works of industry and machines are instrumental in shaping these metropolitan worlds inhabited by faceless masses. Millions of people in endless pursuit of happiness,
while performing monotone daily tasks. At night time though, things change and the sounds of the urban society morphs into the world of TEGEL. With heavy minimal techno beats, captivating
bass rhythms, and ambient soundscapes – inspired by the urban underground society, TEGEL delivers dark techno tracks with scientific precision.
This is the role of the anonymous operators behind TEGEL – to colorize the hidden emotions and aspirations of the masses of mega-societies across the globe.

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Artist TEGEL
Title AM / PM
Label Stereoklang Produktion
Date 20th of February
Format Digital and limited edition vinyl