Pryda aka Eric Prydz (or Cirez D for that matter) is out and about delivering pumping beats by the hour. The influences tend to come from a variety of sources, but always with a nice twist of his own. The driving beats and the delicate synth “loops” that flavored his latest release in 2018 is still a nice party kickstarter.

To celebrate 15 years of Pryda we are now treated with some exquisite compilations. Packed with intriguing and long sought after tunes that demand the attention of any progressive house fan, Prydz has today released ‘Vol. 1’ of this three-part series.

Eric Prydz is a man of many monikers. Over the last two decades he’s released everything from industrial techno to progressive house under his many aliases that include Pryda and Cirez D, as well as lesser-known names like Tonja Holma and Sheridan. He’s managed to successfully traverse the delicate line between dance music’s commercial and underground scenes, making No.1 hits like ‘Call On Me’ plus seminal (and still widely played) club anthems like ‘Pjanoo’, alongside his debut and record-breaking 2016 LP, ‘OPUS’. 

He’s pioneered one of dance music’s most innovative touring shows in the form of his hologram-laden stadium extravaganza, EPIC, concocting no less than five versions of the show by updating the effects, staging and production as better technology is developed. He headlined Madison Square Garden with his EPIC show in 2014 and has created a big room production blueprint sampled, rehashed and regurgitated by everyone from Martin Garrix to Deadmau5. 

The new six-track EP blends the warmth and drive that Pryda enthusiasts have come to love and know. All three volumes come equipped with sought after IDs and an array of unheard material.

As one of the most versatile producers in the music industry, Eric Prydz has continued to innovate with dance music whether it be with progressive house, raw techno, pop-leaning electronic music or anthemic trance. His artistry seemingly knows no bounds and this latest EP is no exception to that fact.

As one should expect from a Pryda EP, the songs are long, deep and incredibly well mixed. It is a way for him to ultimately release the IDs he has been playing out for years, often with a few tweaks along the way. “Moln” has been around since 2015, getting plays a few times a year since then. It brings an airy melody that sounds like vintage Pryda with a thumping drop, vocal shouts for those peaktime moments and the melody building into the track.

Vol II and Vol. III will arrive in July and August respectively. This is going to be a Pryda summer.

Pick up your copy here.