A range of highly acclaimed artists have come together to deliver an intriguing compilation of contemporary tracks. The compilation has been assembled by Italian DJ and producer Neel, and also features music from Donato Dozzy, Rabih Beaini and more.

Italian DJ and producer Neel has announced the release of World Wide Window, a new digital-only compilation put together via his Enisslab mastering studio.

Taking in 56 tracks in total, the compilation features previously unreleased cuts from some of electronic music’s biggest names, including Caterina Barbieri, Donato Dozzy, Rabih Beaini, Mike Parker, Voices From The Lake, Alessandro Cortini, Peter Van Hoesen and DJ Nobu, amongst others.

The compilation, which you can purchase via Bandcamp here, has been put together to raise money for the Red Cross’ efforts in helping countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full statement:

In light of the current Covid-19 Pandemic Studio Enisslab headed up by Italian DJ / Producer and Live Act Neel has announced the release of a very special 56 track charity compilation project, fundraising for The Red Cross, who are working extremely hard alongside health services internationally that are feeling the effects of the corona-virus outbreak the most right now. The compilation is available for a limited time via Bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross to help the world’s most affected countries in the Covid-19 pandemic.

This special release features over 6 hours of previously unreleased and unheard material, where an all star cast of artists were encouraged to share music that reflects this time we are living in.

Neel, who is one half of live duo Voices From The Lake, and LF58 speaks out on behalf of the initiative, organised in collaboration with improvised live project Circle Of Live, and visual art collective Sbagliato. He explains:

“In this situation we all need to look after each other and this project is a start. I wanted to reach as many people as possible to spread this message, so I started to share the idea personally with lots of artists and the response was amazing. I wanted them to take their time with whichever tools they had available at home to produce some music that reflects this time we are living in, a contribution for this special project and to portray a special message.”

The project’s cover art image brought to you by visual art collective Sbagliato shows pictures of windows of houses and studios taken by the artists themselves: 56 musicians, 56 windows, 56 tracks shape a new place of sharing.

Brought to you by:

Enisslab Studio: www.enisslab.com
Circle Of Live: www.circleof.live
Sbagliato: www.sbagliato.net


Adiel – In The End
Agonis – Eternal Silence
Alessandro Cortini – Ridopiango
Anthony Linell – Concordia
BMG – The Needle
Crossing Avenue – Ultimi Giorni
Caterina Barbieri – Clessidra
Cuna – 1,5 M
D-Leria – Landed In Another Place
Desroi – Lavender
Dino Sabatini – Mascherina
Distant Echoes & Buck – 40:16.
Dj Nobu – Our Drums
Donato Dozzy – Let It Go
Emanuele Cefali – Prora
Erika – Xenon Moon
Eva Geist – Tun
Fabrizio Lapiana – Contact
Filippo Scorcucchi – Visione
Forest Drive West – Dune
Giorgio Gigli & Lunatik – Pròdromo
Grand River – Chambers
Johanna Knuttsson – Paltanen
Laertes – Cerbero
Laurence Guy – Try To Understand
Leafar Legov – Willow
Lucy – Window Glows
Luigi Tozzi – A New Hope
Marco Shuttle – 100
Mathew Jonson – Horns For Life
Mike Parker – Siren’s Theme
Monodogue – Ustali 2
Natural/Electronic.System. – Daydreaming
Neel – A Thought Without Time
Organic Dial – Rhomb
Peter Van Hoesen – Faultline
PRG/M – Preludio
R2π – Indoor Outlook
Rabih Beaini – Cyclops
Retina.It – Cult Of Violence Passion
Roberto Bosco – No Tears, No Fear
Rødhåd – Leashed
Sciahri – Senseless Rain
Sebastian Mullaert – Phosphenes
Shifted – Leave Me Cold
Sigha – Ae3am
Simone Giudige – Transizione
Somne – Quarantine City
Steevio – Collapsing Systems
TM404 – Covid
Tobias. – Keep On Sleeping
Valentino Mora – Eau
Varg2™ – L.A.M
Voices From The Lake – Prima Luna
VRIL – Missin
Wata Igarashi – Las Ventanas Abiertas