While listening in to Lena Willikens’ monotone rhythms we will update you with some cool stuff to check out in this week’s update. First off is a video from Maria Teriaeva. A Buchla distress signal into the ether.

Siberian-born, Moscow-based producer and composer Maria Teriaeva uses a Buchla modular synthesizer to send a sci-fi distress signal in her new video, ‘SØS’.

The track is taken from her forthcoming second album, Conservatory Of Flowers, which sees Teriaeva blending Buchla compositions with analogue instrumentation, including trumpet, saxophone, cello and flute. The album was composed over three years, and is a follow-up to her debut album Focus, which was released in 2017.

Another interesting act is is the audio visual presentation from group A & Kat Day. While group A experimented on found sounds sourced from construction sites and recorded inside modernist buildings, Kat Day integrated architectural photography by group A with her own 3D digital renders, processed with analogue equipment to create “a feedback loop of architectural distortions”.

While group A currently has a number of releases in the pipeline, all have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, group A recently contributed a track to Never a Land Without People Vol. II, a benefit compilation for non-profit organisation Adalah.

If you’re still stuck at home why not join Charlotte de Witte as she rocks the scene in the NYC Lab:

But there’s more of course, like Dark Morph using the hydrophone for experimental sound scapes. Jónsi and Carl Michael von Hausswolff composed the piece on board a marine life research vessel, the Dardanella.

For their latest collaboration as Dark Morph, Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi and artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff teamed up with the marine-based modern art foundation TBA21–Academy and Danish art collective SUPERFLEX for a project based on underwater recordings of the ocean.

The recordings were gathered primarily in the Pacific ocean around the islands of Fiji and Tonga from the research vessel Dardanella and synthesized into the The So(ng)qe/Tovuto Kyrrahafið Sound Field sound installation at Church of San Lorenzo in Venice and ‘Dive-In’, which provided the soundtrack to the “drive-in cinema” installation of the same name that SUPERFLEX set up in the Coachella valley last year.