Don’t we all just love people who thinks outside the box. This amazing machine is no exception. Love Hultén has collaborated with New York-based artist LIŔONA to deliver a stunning looking retro gadget in both physical and digital form. Meet synth#boi, an interactive, physical visualiser that lights up in various arrangements in response to midi keyboard input.

Labelled as a “Phygital Purchase”, this joint effort from two of the most state-of-the-art designers, serves as an interactive synthesizer. Embedded in a 15-inch monitor is a circular display, where the users can find an illuminated figure that reacts to whichever key they press on an the MIDI keyboard. Beneath the display is a base that houses a S-Engine MkII sound module and NUC i5 computer. Finished off with a rather space-aged looking outer case, the synth#boi is a pretty damn cool looking piece of retro gadgetry.

Unfortunately the synth#boi was limited in numbers (only 10 were made) and sold out in a flash sale but I think you would agree it is an awesome piece of tech regardless and one that deserves some attention.

Find out more on the Dissrup website.