Pioneering the field of electronic music few have not come into contact with Tangerine Dream and their 100+ album legacy. The band has since its formation in the 60’s and 70’s lived through numerous of iterations with Edgar Froese being the sole constant until has passing in 2015. So the 2021 edition of Tangerine Dream continuous in the tradition of electronic music and new age type music (although the band detested the term) and has now released new material based on archived Froese materials.

So the band has announced a new album titled Raum. It will be the second LP since the passing of Edgar Froese. For the LP, the three members of Tangerine Dream, Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick sourced Edgar Froese’s archive of demos made between 1977 and 2013. They used his Cubase arrangements and Otari tapes for the project.

Raum expands on November’s EP Probe 6-8, which included the title track “Raum” and “Continuum.” There were also remixes from Grand River and Barker on the EP.

Raum will be released on February 25, 2022 and the group will ostensibly go on tour around the UK in February 2022.


A1. In 256 Zeichen
B1. You’re Always On Time
B2. Along The Canal
C1. Continuum
C2. Portico
C3. What You Should Know About Endings
D1. Raum 

Tangerine Dream are unquestionably one of the most influential electronic groups of all time. Their music has made an immeasurable impact on ambient, new age, techno, trance, and progressive rock, as well as modern film score composition. Founded as a psychedelic rock group in 1967 by Edgar Froese, the group was initially associated with the Krautrock scene through early abstract albums like 1970’s Electronic Meditation and 1972’s Zeit. They pioneered the use of sequencers with classic albums like 1974’s Phaedra and 1975’s Rubycon, which proved to be commercially successful. They became prolific film composers, most notably scoring the 1983 blockbuster Risky Business. Subsequent albums such as 1985’s Le Parc and 1988’s Optical Race incorporated digital instrumentation, as well as shorter, more pop-oriented compositions than their earlier epics. During the ’90s, albums such as 1995’s Tyranny of Beauty moved closer to the forms of dance music that Tangerine Dream had heavily influenced. During the 21st century, TD gradually drifted back toward the sequencer-driven sound they had pioneered during the ’70s. Froese passed away in 2015, but a trio lineup (including notable electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss) continued to record and perform, remaining true to Froese’s vision with the 2017 full-length Quantum Gate.