TEGEL continues to push the boundaries of contemporary techno and electronic music. There latest release blends arcane basslines with sculptured beats that rave into the early morning. Faithful to their roots they incorporate industrial rhythms and ambient noise to faithfully reproduce a world of tomorrow. Endless electronic loops drive the intensity of the underground music scene. Sometimes like a psychic mashup of Plastikman, Kari Lekebusch, Kraftwerk, and Laurie Anderson.

As of April 19th,2024 Stereoklang Produktion are happy to announce the availability of Spacetime on all streaming platforms, like Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music etc. Eight tracks of pure techno, spiced with funky rhythms, and guest vocals.

Since TEGEL’s first endeavors into electronic music, the artist has been pursuing different streams of inspiration to create new takes on electronics. From minimalist beats on the first album Science, to explorative soundscapes on Desolation in Forlorn Districts, and lately incorporating more funky rhythms to enrich the techno palette. At times it’s housier, elsewhere dubbier, but still logically attached to TEGEL’s overall arc as an explorer of electronic music.

On the new album, TEGEL had the idea to explore more of their electronic origins finding traces of electronic music pioneers and the sounds that kick started the minimal techno scene. But don’t fear out, drums have always remained a source of fascination, despite TEGEL’s years entanglement of late in machine music. But the new album is also about pushing the boundaries of the very definition of techno music. How much vocals can you add without losing ground and how much variations and noise can you add without distracting die hard techno heads? Listen carefully and find out for yourself.

Spacetime, as with all TEGEL releases, symbolizes the exploration of the unknown. In this case the advancements in quantum science:

Endless                                                            6:19
Vibrating                                                         5:13
Strings                                                              6:27
Quantum                                                        5:40
Super symmetry                                          5:43
Hodge numbers                                           6:07
Isomorphic                                                    6:43
Manifolds                                                       5:23


TEGEL is a Swedish minimal techno act with focus on experimental sonic experiences. TEGEL (Ola Larsén and Stefan Johansson) have been active in the electronic music scene since the late 1990’s in various constellations. TEGEL explores the sonic experiences in everyday modern situations, both from a scientific and a human standpoint – examining how they came to be an essential pulse and rhythm in urban life. The works of industry and machines are instrumental in shaping these metropolitan worlds inhabited by faceless masses. With heavy minimal techno beats, captivating bass rhythms, and ambient soundscapes – inspired by the urban underground society, TEGEL delivers dark techno tracks with scientific precision.

Mix and master by Stereoklang STHLM.