If you do not have very deep pockets and loads of time to spend touring to various gigs around the world, the URSSS streaming site will make sure to keep you up to date on all the latest, hottest and interesting artists in the techno scene right now.

Browsing through their catalog of seriously high quality videos is a real treat. Featuring beautifully shot live sessions from some of the most important artists working in music today, it’s as close as you’ll get to having experienced these performances IRL. In fact, it gives you some of the best camera angles to see just how these artists recreate their sounds live.

One of our current favorites Inga Mauer is for example portrayed in a two times one hour video sessions, watch the first chapter below:

Inga Mauer is the new kid on your block. Coming from St. Petersburg, Russia where she is a resident DJ in the famous club (Stackenschneider) she is now gaining attention in Europe. The music she serves up comes from a place of love and knowledge in equal measures – no cheap thrills, just pure musical joy. Growing up in a remote village in the heart of Russia, Inga listened intensely to early Bunker Records, Cybernetic Broadcasting System (now intergalactic.fm), Trax, and UR recordings which have set the scene for her seductive sound: a mix of blistering atmospheres and dark emotions, flirting with a wide range of genres like Industrial Techno, EBM, New Wave and Disco. This young talent is gaining a fast-growing reputation from Den Haag to Berlin, from Cologne to Tel Aviv, and completing a circle of influence as a desired guest on Intergalactic.fm. Not only a great DJ, Inga is also a truly restless producer, constantly recording lunatic jams and wild rhythms in a world of no musicaln compromises. Expect great things to come this year when she starts releasing and opens your ears. Currently under the wing of the Bunker Records team, whilst working for Clone Records.

URSSS features DJ sets from likes of Shawn O’Sullivan, Marco Shuttle, SHAPE artist Inga Mauer and Don’t DJ, as well as a heap of live shows. On the topic of Marco Shuttle, he is operating in the abstract regions of techno and coming from a visual (fashion) background, he has carved out his own little niche in recent years. Releasing on outlets such as Time To Express, The Bunker and Clone, Marco Shuttle’s journeying techno sound is very detailed and organic, and as such has turned the heads of those in the know. As a DJ he is just as considered, never doing anything just because, but instead focussing on form and function in equal measure. Marco Shuttle, then, as boss of his own Eerie label, makes and mixes together music that is exactly that.

Noise techno heads Container and Giant Swan both have nice videos available to stream, as well as industrial prodigy Pan Daijing.

Berlin-based experimentalist Pan Daijing released her debut album Lack 惊蛰 this summer on PAN. Stitched together from field recordings and Daijing’s improvised live shows around the world, she has described the album as both an “operatic piece” and the “finale” to those performances.

“When I was finalizing this album, they didn’t feel like tracks to me anymore,” she says in a statement. “I saw myself being this absurd, mad person ‘acting’ out the sounds… It’s rather physical, and became like a mindgame. All things came out naturally as part of me.”

And while techno fans will have plenty of hours of video to get through, URSSS offer more than just fixes to your four-to-the-floor cravings. On the site you can also behold incredible avant-garde sets from the pedigree of Kiki Hitomi, Asmus Tietchens and Rashad Becker.

Rashad Becker is best known as the skilled mastering guru at Berlin’s famous Dubplates & Mastering, but he’s also making a name for himself as a musician in his own right, first coming to attention with 2013’s Traditional Music of Notional Species vol. I. On Traditional Music of Notional Species vol. II, Rashad Becker expertly combines the abstract and the atmospheric, much as Bass Clef’s Ralph Cumbers’ does under his Some Truths moniker. Becker’s deft manipulation of the oddball sounds he creates allows him to elevate what could have been hazy sketches into the realm of high art, but a keen (and occasionally sinister) melodicism rests squarely at the music’s heart.

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