Not really sure how to describe this new track from John Foxx’s upcoming compilation album. One thing is for sure it is collaboration we’ve all been waiting for – two of the giants and pioneers in electronic music comes together on this new track called Talk (Are you listening to me?). From Facebook: Gary Numan: ”I’ve […]
Minimalistic installations does not lift anyone’s eyebrow these days, but in the shadows of the mighty halls of Kraftwerk in Berlin there will always be a tension between minimum and maximum. Kraftwerk, a once abandoned power-station above Tresor that now holds some of Berlin’s most exciting events. It was here that ‘Deep Web’ was situated — […]
A musician born and raised in East Germany and currently residing in Finland sparks some creative thoughts on what sort of music will emenate from this cultural legacy. AGF is an artist exploring the role of mathematics and evolution through her most intriguing ambient sound scapes, or as she puts it herself: More than iron, […]
The “Lost album” as it was sadly branded after its release back in 2003. When ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos left the band, mainly due to his frustrations of being in a band that never released any new material, he engaged in many different projects, but never made any major splashes with his appearances. However, the album […]
Every now and then new attempts are made to draw the ultimate genre map of music, and every now and then the attempts are worth sharing – like this one. To plot 1387 genres in one go will probably make you quite dizzy, but in this map you can quite easily jump back and forth. […]
Looking back, it is with a big “I told you so!” as we now in retrospect watched our friends trashing or selling of  their vinyl collections, first in favor of the CD and as of lately in favor of streaming media channels like Deezer, Pandora, Spoitfy, Tidal etc, and now in recent years vinyls are clearly […]
Few songs have such a unique signature that if anyone would make an attempt to incorporate it into their own compositions it would immediately be recognized, not used by die hard fans but of most of the general listeners. Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby did this in their time and it is quite easy to […]
On April 29th The Ship arrives – a new 47 minutes long journey from the ambient- and electronic music pioneer Brian Eno. The album is a natural consequence of the experimental installations that Eno has been touring with for the past year. Touring through Nau, Nave and now Switzerland Eno´s is clearly following a contemporary […]
This amazing machine will easily blow your mind and start your grey little brain cells cheer of joy. Two thousand marbles are in use to create what you are about to listen to in this video. Here’s a message from the team behind it: The closer the machine gets to be finished the harder it […]
When one thinks of odd and unexpected collaborations in music most likely one of the first you will come to think of is when RUN-DMC made a video together with Aerosmith. Aerosmith was a then over-the-hill rock group who’d fallen out of the spotlight, while Run-DMC was the most prominent group in rap that had yet […]
Asegun Henry, a scientist at Georgia Tech, has applied for a National Science Foundation grant to create an educational app that catalogues unique musical signatures for every element in the periodic table. Setting the motions of molecules to musical signatures and even music can help identify hidden patterns in their data that might otherwise be too small, […]
Jean Michel Jarre has recently anounced the sequel of his Electronica project where he ambishously collaborates with the elite in electronic and contemporary music. Here at Stereoklang we took a deep dive into the previous album Electronica to get a sense of what we can expect from the upcoming album Electronica2 – The Heart of […]
Detroit’s legendary techno producer and DJ presents the Swedish premiere of his latest project, blurring the line between a club and a concert hall night.    Jeff Mills has been a leading figure in the techno scene ever since his pioneering DJ mixes – as The Wizard – lit up the Detroit airwaves back in the […]
With an all-analog audio path, and rock-solid digital harmonic oscillators, the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer was the world’s first digital synthesizer. Produced in very limited quantities for a very short period in the mid-1970s. The synth is best known for its prominent role in Jean-Michel Jarre’s classic Oxygène, where it was used extensively (and usually through an […]
It is not every day we get the opportunity to listen to the sound of gravity and trust us it is worth listening to. Awesome sounds generated roughly 1 Billion years ago in a galaxy far far away, when two blach holes collided. Seriously considering incorporating these sounds into a tribute song, stay tuned and […]
KEPLER-16B’s previous track Civilization II became fairly popular in the socal media channels among low-fi tronica fans, now it is time for som even more minimalist tunes as we embark on a journey on their latest track called Infinte loops. Minimal techno is a minimalist subgenre of techno.It is characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits […]
Ryuichi Sakamoto has returned after a year fighting with throat cancer and what a return it is. Together with Alva Noto Ryuichi Sakamoto has made the music to the new block buster movie The Revenant featuring the “I want to win an Oscar”-Di Caprio. Movie or not, the music is really filled with nature and […]
Two pioneering artists with two classical hits. Steelberry Clones has made two electronic interpretations; one of Curtis Mayfield’s hit “Superfly” and one on Elvis Costello’s hit “Watching the Detectives”. Both tracks has been featured on the compilation albums by Electronically Yours, Superfly was present on the 70’s revisited album and Watching the Detectives was featured […]
Modular exploration of radio waves in a lo-fi electro landscape
Airport taken from the album ‘Retrosonic Voices’ by DATAMASKIN The album was released on all digital channels on December 12th 2015  
Listen to the full album on Spotify and iTunes: TRACK LIST: 01 Electro Pop 02 Airport 03 Next Generation 04 Cyber Sex 05 Black Web 06 United Nations 07 Electric Dreams 08 Victims Of Fashion 09 Rings Of Saturn 10 Apollo Members of DATAMASKIN: Ola L – Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming and Production Stefan […]