Dave Ball from Soft Cell releases new stuff

June 4, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Dave Ball at work on new project

Electronic music pioneer Dave Ball, best known for his work in Soft Cell and The Grid, is working on the debut album from his newest project, Celine and Nite Wreckage. The project, which also features vocalist Celine Hispiche, will release Evolution? Revolution! in the UK in August, with a North American release to follow. The band is also offering an exclusive song, “Take Your Money and Run,” as a free download from their website.
About Celine and Nite Wreckage A cutting-edge collaboration between electro pioneer DAVE BALL and feisty newcomer CELINE HISPICHE, CELINE & NITE WRECKAGE are what punk rock might have sounded like – had it been invented in the East End of Victorian London. One part Marie Lloyd to one part Poly Styrene, CELINE is not just a singer but a force of nature – and a witty wordsmith who takes her unlikely inspiration from an olde-worlde London of pea soupers, gin-shops and hansom cabs. CELINE & NITE WRECKAGE take Celine’s sharp-witted satirical sketches – delivered in an in-yer-face vocal style that conjures up the East End quicker than a plate of jellied eels and an Ian Dury album – with the filthy electro beats of DAVE BALL, a legend with 30-plus years of experience at the cutting edge of electronic music with Soft Cell and The Grid. Whether she’s glammed up in ballgowns and sequins, or sheathed in an industrial boilersuit, CELINE is every inch the punk rock Marie Lloyd, casting a jaundiced – but always witty – eye over dystopian 21st century London, as seen through the eyes of a gin palace queen. “As soon as I met Celine I saw we shared a mutual interest in the parallels between London today and the London of the past 300 years – especially the seamier side!” says Ball. “I immediately liked the idea of fusing my modern electronic music with her love of Hogarth and music hall.” Adds Ball: “Celine is a fantastically vivacious person with great ideas. To me she’s like a female reincarnation of Ian Dury – who I regard not only as a one-off lyrical genius, but also one of the greatest rappers.” Celine, who improvises many of her lyrics, says the thread that links the songs is the underground side of modern-day city life. “I want to transport listeners to the backstreet brothels of Soho,” she says. “Take them on a journey to Bedlam like a modern-day Hogarth and see how much we’ve changed in nearly 300 years. “Look at London – or any other major world city – in 2010. We’ve still got inner city poverty, we’ve still got the harlots and we’ve still got the Mother’s Ruin – only instead of gin it’s crack and crystal meth.” The sleazy, squelchy beats behind Celine’s satirical survey of society come courtesy of collaborators Nite Wreckage – Dave Ball and his production partner Rick Mulhall (aka remix team Nitewreckers), plus drummer Terry Neale. CELINE & NITEWRECKAGE are currently finishing their debut album “EVOLUTION? REVOLUTION!” at Kick Studios in Richmond, West London and available for live dates and festivals.


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