Deep Tech Pattern Generation with Polytek

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Polytek fuses rhythm and melody to generate enigmatic patterns. It combines step sequencing with vocoder and multiband gate processing, resulting in deep tech progressions, ambient dub soundscapes and gritty robotic polyrhythms.

Polytek’s Routing Matrix can select Analog or Sampler as a sound source and then process it through either a Vocoder or Multiband gate. Aspects of the device have been color-coded so you know where you are and what you’re controlling

Polytek comes stacked with an array of FX for big spacious reverbs, saturation, delays and chorus. The device is also equipped with a resonator and physical modeling to add extra harmonics and futuristic melodic textures to the groove. – This is a micro tutorial of Polytek by Sonic Faction, a new synth sequencer for Ableton Live and Max for Live. For more Polytek audio demos and instrument features visit:…
check out our entire arsenal of Ableton/Max for Live instruments at:

Looking into the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synth

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This is demo music created with the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer. The device is an ATmega328-microcontroller-based MIDI synth designed to emulate the classic chiptune sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s APU (audio processing unit.) If you are interested in the synth, please refer to the Kickstarter campaign page. The Kickstarter campaign rewards include both a fully assembled and tested version and a kit version for those who prefer to build it themselves. I created the music track myself, and I am not very musically talented. I’m interested to hear the music that more talented musicians will create with this synth, which is why I’m sharing the device through Kickstarter.

Roland D-50 – Closer look at the 64 User Presets Demos

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This is 64 User Presets demo from Roland D-50 (D-550).

Background vide description:

I choose mostly electronic sounds (synth, bass, bell, synthpad, ambient-textures etc). Recorded directly from D-50 stereo outputs, with internal effects, without any additional signal processing. Enjoy!

All these presets can be freely downloaded from the internet, but, I spent hours and hours (sometimes even days) collecting and edit the best of them to prepare a synth Bank for this demo.

You can buy now these 64 Presets in SysEx/MidiFile format. Bank with 64 Presets cost only 6 Euros (via PayPal). Just send me an email to and after PayPal payment you will receive SysXx/Midi file in your inbox.

Roland D-50 is a keyboard version of D-550 rack module.

Roland D-50 specifications:
LA (Linear Arithmetic) Synthesis
64 RAM Presets (4 elements), 64 Card Presets
Reverb effects
16 Poly
61 Keys with Velocity and Aftertouch
MIDI In/Out/Thru
2 Outs

CodeKnobs releases a DSI Mopho Patch Editor

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CodeKnobs has introduced an unofficial patch editor for the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho synthesizer, for both Mac & Windows. 


  • Full Mopho Parameter Control: This editor offers complete control over all of the Mopho’s parameters.
  • Real Time Editing And Automation: You can make all your edits and adjustments in real time, and create automation sequences.
  • Simple Saving: Programs can also be stored automatically within your DAW sequence. All you have to do is save your sequence, and all your programs, in all of your instances will be saved.
  • Program Manager: This allows you to collect all of your Mopho programs into one place, and manage them. You can import, and export syx files, and use Prophet 8 and Mopho program files as well. You can also use the tagging feature to categorize, and sort your programs.
  • Multiple Instances: You can add multiple instances of this editor within your DAW, allowing you to have multiple programs available at the same time. You can choose which instance is active, by pressing the power button located on the instance window. Once activated, the Mopho will take on the program of the active instance. This will allow you to swap between programs on the fly.

Note: CodeKnobs Mopho Editor 1.0 is for the Mopho Desktop only.

The Mopho Editor is available for US $39 from the CodeKnobs site. A demo version is also available.

Kent/Visage remix: Kjärleken venter – fade to gray

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Kent vs Visage remix.. Mixed by the Danish DJ named Morten Trøst ( Trust )

Brinn pengar brinn
Jag lovar du betyder nånting
Du orkar ta dig igenom det här
Du räcker till, så var den du är

Brinn pengar brinn
Jag vet att du är värd någonting
Du är hoppet i ett IQ-fritt land
Du är drömmarna jag drömmer ibland

Visst känns det som att kärleken väntar
Visst känns det som att kärleken väntar

Brinn hjärtat brinn
Du vet du kan förändra allting
Det blåser genom staden i natt
Hör du sanningen, den lät som ett skratt

Brinn hjärtat brinn
Vår fiende är rädd om sitt skinn
Det räcker med en gnista ett bloss
Dom skulle vilja vara som oss

Visst känns det som att kärleken väntar
Visst känns det som att kärleken väntar

The new video from Daybehavior – Cambiare

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A month ago Daybehavior released their new single and video for “Change”. Now the band launches a video of the Italian version of the song, “Cambiare”. You can watch the video below. At the moment Daybehavior are in the studio continuing the work on their 4th album, “Based on a True Story”.

Video description:

Daybehavior will soon release their 4th album, “Based on a true story”.
The first single released from the album is : Change/Cambiare. This is the Italian video with lyrics.

Watch the English video here:

Prodotto e diretto dai daybehavior
Styling: Pirjo Niemelä
Trucco e acconciature: Sofia Lewandrowski
Direttore della fotografia: Tommy Arell
Motion graphics e grafica 3D: Carl Hammar
(C) Graplur 2015

Google Play:

Sample to wavetable conversion

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A spoken word (“ensoniq”) resynthesized by Audio-Term and then saved as *.bwc file for importing into Blofeld Wavetable Creator.

Audio-Term download links:……

Listening to the song from New Order – Restless

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“Restless” is the first full track to be unveiled from New Order’s “Music Complete” album, you can view the promotional video above. “Restless” will be supported with a full remix package, available on vinyl, CD and digitally from October 9, 2015 on.

“Music Complete” will be released September 25, 2015 on CD, download and limited edition clear vinyl. You can order the vinyl right now on Amazon.

“Music Complete” is produced by New Order, except “Singularity” and “Unlearn This Hatred”, both produced by Tom Rowlands. “Superheated” features additional production by Stuart Price. The album was mixed by Craig Silvey, except “Plastic”, which was mixed by Richard X. Brandon Flowers provided vocals on “Superheated”, Iggy Pop is featured on “Stray Dog” and Elly Jackson (La Roux) is featured on “Tutti Frutti” and “People On The High Line” and backing vocals on “Plastic”. Strings on the album were performed by the Manchester Camerata and arranged by Joe Duddell. Long-term collaborator Peter Saville provided art direction.

‘Restless’ is the first single from New Order’s upcoming album, Music Complete out September 25th on Mute.

Pre-Order Music Complete & get an instant download of ‘Restless':

Music Complete: CD, Double LP (limited edition clear vinyl or standard black), MP3, Hi-Def Audio plus 8 x Vinyl Box Set available from the band’s store:

European Tour Dates: November 2015. Access tickets and packages:

Sign up to the New Order mailing list for updates:



Infinity – free analog style mastering compressor and tube saturation effect plugin for Windows

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Frederick Alonso has announced the release of Infinity, a free analog style mastering compressor and tube saturation effect plugin for Windows.

This free plugin is based on a concept for a hardware device which has been patented in 2014. Apparently, the developer is planning to build a hardware version of this mastering compressor which was inspired by classic analogue devices such as the Pultec EQ and Thermionic Culture stereo compressor.

The software version is currently available only as a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows, however a Mac OS X version is expected to be released in the future.

Infinity features

  • Subtle low end warmer.
  • 0 to 100% pure incoming audio + added Infinity dynamics.
  • Brightness and width in mid and high frequencies.
  • Subs will sound subtle, full and more focused.
  • Kicks feel more alive, while the track becomes more open.
  • You can add tube saturation (Lundahl transformer based).
  • Audio gets auto limited to -0.02dB when you go over 0dB.
  • A/B comparison (On/Off switch or toggle switch).

Infinity is available as a free download. Donations are appreciated.

Yamaha REFACE DX vs. the original DX7

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muzykujkropkacom, puts the new Yamaha Reface DX mini synth, head-to-head against a vintage Yamaha DX-7.

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