Roger Linn and the history of the Akai MPC60

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Akai MPC60 VHS training video featuring Roger Linn

The Mystic Underground – Carry On, Young Men

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Background video description:

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this is not the way we act
this is not the way we dress
button up
fix your face
be the man
become the lie
define success in gross excess
change your life
discard the wife
strike the pose
your and your boys
clothes seal the deal
you’re in demand
no time to talk
sleep when you’re dead
in sex we trust
in love with lust

white lies with no regrets
no storm, no stress
jump another train
towards success
no muss, no fuss
onto something else
we want acclaim
no storm, no stress
brittle, fleeting fame
dry your eyes
no sweat, no tears
carry on, young men

what’s yours is mine
this much is known
we want the pomp
no circumstance
so shelve the claims
we’ve lost the lead
you can’t replace the civilised

written by valette/socci
produced/mixed by the mystic underground
directed by william murray
featuring kai irina hahn (

Telex at work (Telex au travail)

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An interesting documentary presenting the Belgian synth-pop trio Telex at work in their amazing analogue studio.

Hannah Peel – Tainted Love

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Hannah Peel performs Tainted Love as heard on FX Channel’s “American Horror Story.” No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Filmed by Paul McParland.

Broken Wave and Moog Funk

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Headphones highly recomended
An afternoon improvisation.
Gear used: Waldorf Blofeld and MicroQ, Arturia Microbrute through Eventide H9, Elektron Machinedrum, Akai mpc500 as main sequencer, Korg Ms2000, Clavia Nord Modular G2 and DSI Tetr4. Hardwire DL7 and RV8 were used on the Tetra.

A funky moog jam. Drums are 100% Tempest, I also added a moog bass line, some rhodes sounds off the nord, and a clav type patch off the prophet 08. The main moog lead is going through an MXR carbon copy.

Brian Eno – In Coversation in Australia

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KORG volca – Rydeen

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volca arranged by BakaOscillator.
Use, KORG volca Bass X2, Betas.

Youth Code – Consuming Guilt – Art + Music – MOCAtv

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LA Industrial duo Youth Code juxtapose human and animal suffering in “Consuming Guilt,” the lead single from extended play A Place To Stand (2014). Directed by Grant Singer (Sky Ferreira, DIIV).

Warning: this video contains graphic images of animal testing.

Director : Grant Singer
Video Commissioner : Kevin Kloecker
Executive Producer : Sarah Boardman
Director’s Rep: Egg & Chips
Producer : Ryan Curtis
Cinematographer : Frank Mobilio
Editor: Brook Linder
Undercover Investigation footage provided by PETA
Stylist: Sara Bevilaqua
Production Designer : Carlos Laszlo
Art Director: Natalie Ziering
PA: Anthony Reese
PA: Zach Hughes
Starring: Alexandria Venegas, George Lesage
Thanks: Escarpment

‘Consuming Guilt – Written by Sara Taylor & Ryan George | 2014 | 27 Tigers (ASCAP)
‘Performed by Youth Code | Recorded by Josh Eustis | 2014 | Dais Records

Amazing machines: Moog Sub37 & DSI Pro2

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The Moog Sub37 & DSI Pro2 together with the GrooveAgent (Cubase)
I don’t wanted to show wich one is better – but how good they play together ;-)
this was a special wish from someone of the german forum for better comparing the two…

Strom for iPad, A Fantastic Sampler and More (Review)

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Strom for iPad, ‘an incredibly fun sampler’ for the iPad that offers tight integration with the Elektron Analog Rytm.

This video focuses on using Strom, independent of the Analog Rytm.

STROM is available now in the App Store for US $4.99. Rytm Upgrade is an In-App-Purchase. Elektron Analog Rytm is a hardware instrument which must be purchased separately. A USB-Lightning Camera adapter is required for the MIDI connection.

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