The Operating Tracks – 1000 ways to die

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New track from The Operating Tracks

Schneidersladen Rotating Rack of Modular (timelapse)

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Berlin’s Schneidersladen aren’t quite like other music gear stores, starting with their hidden location above a grocery store.

And then there’s their incredible rotating rack of modular gear. We sped it up so we can stare dizzingly and watch. Guessing this doesn’t exactly work as aversion therapy.

Modular: Live performance by Bastl Instruments

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Euclidean rhythms generated by the new Knit Rider sequencer modular from Bastl Instruments (CZ) – at a workshop hosted by Schneidersladen, Berlin. More to come.

Quick live jam on the modular from Bastl Instruments (CZ) – at a workshop hosted by Schneidersladen, Berlin. More to come.

New material from Leftfield – Listen now

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Leftfield have announced their new album and put out a track on SC  for the new album ‘Alternative Light Source’. The usual ‘pre-order it now and get a track immediately’ offer is on.

The band is playing what passes for a UK tour these days, with live dates in June for Bristol, London, Manchester, and Glasgow. Head to for tickets and more information.

 a-ha have announced their return to the spotlights

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Yesterday it was officially announced that a-ha have reunited, it was done at a  press conference at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.

Present were Paul Savoy, Morten Harket and Magne Furuholmen. The trio also released some specific details during the press conference. A new a-ha album, “Cast In Steel”, will be released this fall to be followed by an international tour in 2016. “Cast In Steel” is the follow-up to 2009’s “Foot of the Mountain” and will be out September 4th 2015, 3 weeks before the band plays at Rock In Rio in Brazil and 30 years after their first single “Take On Me” reached the number 1 spot around the world.

Surprisingly, it’s Alan Tarney, the man who produced a-ha’s first 3 albums, which has now produced “Cast In Steel”.

a-ha will hold 15 concerts next year – 13 in Germany, in addition to one in Zurich and one in Vienna. Currently no other concerts have been announced though it’s pretty sure that more will follow. These are the first tour dates which have already been announced Germany:

  • April 3 – Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
  • April 4 – Zurich Hallen Stadium
  • April 6 – Munich Olympiahalle
  • April 7 – Leipzig Arena
  • April 9 – Nuremberg Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
  • April 10 – Vienna Stadthalle
  • April 13 – Berlin Mercedes Benz Arena
  • April 14 – Hamburg O2 World
  • April 16 – Bremen ÖVB Arena
  • April 17 – Hannover TUI Arena
  • April 19 – Halle Gerry Weber-Stadium
  • April 20 – Oberhausen König-Pilsener-Arena
  • April 23 – Mannheim SAP Arena
  • April 24 – Frankfurt Festhalle
  • April 26 – Cologne Lanxess Arena

Craig Leon | Bach to Moog

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Craig Leon, famous for his work with The Ramones and Blondie, as well as his work in the classical arena with such leading artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Joshua Bell and Sir James Galway, talks about the inspiration behind and the process of creating his latest record: “Bach to Moog.”

In 1968, the album ‘Switched On Bach’ inspired many musicians of the time to explore the wondrous new world of synthesized music making. This ground-breaking album was the first ever to take standard classical repertoire and interpret it solely on a device which generated new sounds electronically. Although there had been research and sonic experiments earlier, it was after this breakthrough release that the synthesizer entered the mainstream of modern experimental and pop music recording.

As a welcome extension to the synthesized exploration of Bach’s music and the many creative opportunities that opened up 50 years ago, ‘Bach to Moog’ album integrates the Moog modular synthesizer into the orchestra as a solo instrument, in ensemble and also as a processor of other instruments.

Album Preorder Links



Bach to Moog, the new album from composer, arranger and producer Craig Leon, showcasing the newly re-issued Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Don Buchla is suing the current owners of his brand!

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Don Buchla has filed a lawsuit against the current owners of Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments for $500,000 as he claims they are in breach of contract and that he was forced to sign an unfavourable deal and was treated “with oppression and malice.

The brand was sold in 2012 to  Australian company Audio Supermarket Pty. Ltd. after Don’s battle with cancer that left him unable to continue with the day-to-day tasks of sales and marketing. The sale was made to ensure cash for Don’s future and to give him the freedom to continue developing products. He was employed as chief technology officer at BEMI, however the suit alleges his position was terminated “without good cause” in 2013.

The suit was filed in California yesterday, alleging that  BEMI breached the  Asset Purchase Agreement of Buchla & Associates by “failing to use reasonable business efforts to reach sales targets.” Additionally that he was promised $440,000 for the sale, but has been paid less than $110,000.

The lawsuit is attempting to regain the original companies assets, intellectual property and existing orders, as well as compensation for damages.  Looking at the details of the claim, its not been an arrangement that has worked out, with Don alleging he was forced to sign a “highly unfavorable, one-sided Memorandum of Understanding with Audio Supermarket”. It goes on to state that the agreement was intended as an opening for negotiations to proceed rather than the final agreement itself.

In the suit it is also stated that Don believes that a stroke suffered in 2014 was the direct result of stress incurred by the defendants “breaching activity and bad-faith conduct”.

Don Buchla is widely believed to be the father of West-Coast synthesis. His designs have inspired a massive amount of development within the Eurorack community in recent years.

Its a shame that this isnt obviously working out for Don as we have seen a new Music Easel in production, though this has yet to be made in significant numbers.

You can find the original court filing here.

Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf ft. Tim Skold (Imperfect Live)

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Aesthetic Perfection goes acoustic

Big Bad Wolf ft. Tim Skold
Recorded August 31, 2013 at Complex in Glendale, CA
Taken from the “Imperfect” Live CD / DVD

Out May 12, 2015 on Metropolis Records
Pre-Order Now!…

Filmed by:
Armik Davalokhanian
Ron Demowski

Edited by:
Daniel Graves

Post production:
Sam Pfannkuche
Clint Carney

On August 31, 2013 we performed acoustic renditions of songs spanning my entire discography at Club Complex in Glendale, CA. On May 12, that show will be released for everyone to hear.…

Free Moog-Inspired Filterbank For Ableton

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Puremagnetik has released Frequencizer, which they describe as an effect that brings the vintage sound sculpting capabilities of the Moog 914 and Doepfer A-128 fixed filterbanks right to your desktop.

A spokesperson told us, “With 12 fixed band filters, LP / HP controls and even a ‘vintage’ mode, this filterbank adds a unique sonic dimension to Ableton Live. Frequencizer even goes beyond the hardware it emulates to include a realtime spectroscope. Shape your sounds into something completely new or get instantly inspired with this no-nonsense Max for Live audio effect.”

System Requirements
Ableton Live 9.1 or higher with Max for Live 6.1.9 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Frequencizer  is free through the end of March 2015. It will cost $15 thereafter.

New video featuring ‪Torul — The Balance

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Album release date: Mar 20th, 2015



Production: DIY Initziative, 2015

Concept: Torulsson & Borut Dolenec
Script: Torulsson & Borut Dolenec
Director: Darko Štante
DoP: Iztok Medja
Camera: Iztok Medja, Kaja Brezočnik, Jan Jenko, Vid Brezočnik
Edit & Post-production: Borut Dolenec
Colour grading: Vid Brezočnik
Cast: Anu Lin, Pris, Gregor Strojin, Ivana Stanojev, Nina Kovačič, Blaž Završnik, Kobrasson, Damjan Zorc, Peter Penko, Marko Ocepek, Torul (band), Tjaša Zupanek (invisible spirit)
Hair & Styling: Irina Kysselef
Make-up artist: Anita Ferčak
Making-of Photography: Kaja Brezočnik
Catering: Mojca Planinc
Executive: Torulsson

Thanks to Branco for lights. Thanks to the whole of the DIY Initziative crew and Torben from Infacted.


Written, produced, arranged and mixed by Torulsson, 2014.
Voice by Jan Jenko.
Live performance by TORUL (Torulsson/Jenko/Dolenec)
Label: Infacted Recordings






What’s the level of your happiness?
What do you need and what are you giving?
Simple questions, hard to answer
Where’s the balance? What’s the measure?

One will always believe in freedom
One will always believe they deserve it

“All I want is, all I want is
To be happy, once again right now”

This cannot wait. This cannot wait.

What’s the level of your efforts
Do you clean up or sweep your matters
Under a thick rug, out of sight so
No-one sees it, you don’t see it

And you always believed in freedom
And you always believed you deserved it

“All I want is, all I want is
To be happy, once again right now”

This cannot wait. This cannot wait.

Shape me up, burn this dream
I can’t relate to what you say
Last word before I die and see
how pointless this was

Words by Torulsson.

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