Mopho – with some weird new stuff

October 9, 2008 · Posted in Electronic Music 

Synth mofo (in the best possible way) meets Mopho synth

This latest synth, the monphonic MoPho is based on the voice architecture of the Prophet 8 and the parameter access of the Evolver series and turns it yellow. The user interface has been paired down to give access to the most commonly accessed parameters, Pitch, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack and Decay/Release, with a further four assignable controls – which can be programmed from the front panel – you can fully program the synth from there, or via the Mac/PC basic editing software. There’s also the intriguing looking button labeled ‘Push It!”

Mopho is a compact and affordable—but powerful—monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet ’08, but with a couple of unique twists to distinguish it from its award-winning sibling. We have added two sub-octave generators—one per oscillator—for additional girth and crushing basses. It also has an audio input that lets you process external audio and mix Mopho’s own audio output back in pre-filter for feedback effects that can range from subtle distortion to extreme skronk. The Push It button is a manual trigger that lets you play a specific note or latch notes and sequences on. It can also step through a sequence to play short melodic lines without a keyboard. Of course, Mopho can also be used with a MIDI controller or external sequencer.

Listen to it:

Individual Program Demos

mopho_sequences.mp3 [2.2 MB]
A selection of the factory programs and their associated sequences recorded and edited together.
mopho_basses.mp3 [2.6 MB]
A selection of the factory bass programs recorded and edited together.
percussion_sequences.mp3 [1.3 MB]
A selection of factory drum and percussion programs and their associated sequences recorded and edited together.
mopho_leads.mp3 [3 MB]
A selection of factory melodic and lead sounds recorded and edited together.
hiphop_r&b.mp3 [1.5 MB]
A selection of factory programs suitable for Hip Hop and R&B recorded and edited together.
synth_fx.mp3 [1.1 MB]
A selection of factory programs featuring synthesizer effects recorded and edited together.
tunedperc_bell-like.mp3 [1.6 MB]
A selection of factory programs featuring tuned percussion and bell-like sounds recorded and edited together.

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