New modules in the making from littleBits

June 13, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 


littleBits has announced three new ‘power user’ modules for users of its Korg Synth Kit and other modules.

The modules add direct support for MIDI, control voltages & USB audio:

  • MIDI module – Allows you to control the Synth Kit from a DAW (Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc) and other MIDI-enabled instruments. Additionally, it will allow you to create your own MIDI controller with littleBits modules by converting littleBits control voltages to MIDI messages.
  • CV module  – Allows you to Integrate your Synth Kit with other analog synthesizers (for example, modular synths or analog keyboards).
  • USB I/O module – This is a USB audio interface that will enable you to record directly into your DAW from the Synth Kit or send audio from your DAW to the Synth Kit for processing. Integrate your Synth Kit with common audio work stations (Ableton, ProTools, or other software like Traktor or Max/MSP).

More info here >>


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