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So I’ve had a long holiday from the Reaktor reports, but it appears that the builders had with very few uploads end of 2010. But now the uploads increases. This past week several FXs, two devilish drones, a film FX sound automate, something unusual as a midi delay and yet another Böhmy drum machine from Mr Keil.

Harvest demo week 3 by Stereoklang Produktion

Broken Tremolo by Donovan Stringer

This is a tremolo effect with a twist – exactly what you expect Reaktor FX to be. But also i’ts a collaboration between some UL profiles like Jonathan Style, ewistrand, Deiter Zobel and Donovan Stringer. The twist of the tremolo is the LFO wave controlling the amplitude. Instead of a trivial sine it’s a combination of two waves and some envelop followers making this more interesting and with more variation. However a twisted waveform it’s still a tremolo so you are not going to be greatly surprised. Really nice GUI and remember to check out the B view. 16 snaps included.

Tyme Serfa by Dieter Zobel

Dieter Zobel strikes again. This time it’s an update of a delay/looper previously uploaded and originaly inspiration from the modulelar synth hardware unit Tyme Sefari by The Harvestman 1973.
Although with 2 dozen of controls it’s not too difficult to get your way around and start making infinite mutating loops with just any trivial signal. Pleasant GUI including the obligatory Zobel bunny watching you. 13 snaps get you started.

Namffex by Bernd Keil

This is a combination of two all time classic Reaktor drones Skrewell and Metaphysical Function. If you’re into electronic soundscapes this is for you. As the ensemble is split in two and each instruments have plenty of banks and snapshots there a massive amount of sounds to surf.

mfFX by Donovan Stringer

Here Donovan has dug out the FX modules from the Metaphysical Function. Before you start scratching your head why you get no sound when sending sounds to the inputs Donovan forgot to add input terminals to the instrument. Just add them by right click/built-in module/Terminal/In Port and connect to the inputs of the instruments. 69 snaps added.

Asonis by Donovan Stringer

Here’s another drone soundscape automate. This one easy to use like hell – pun intended. Only a few controls but with three touch areas to modify the sound gently making it easy to evolve the sound at your of pace. 36 snaps gets started you into a devilish mode…

Pitch Shifter by Jan Brähler

Just as the title sais – a pitch shifter effect based on the EzFFT macros. The download includes two ensembles. One with a built in sample player and one FX variation. However the FX alternative is missing the two important controllers pitch and speed… the pitch shirt is not without artifacts and can be used as an effect in it’s own right but with percussive input material really nice results can be achieved. No snaps but with only 4 controls it’s pretty straight forward.

Plankton by Malte Bieler

Midi effect are really rare stuff in the world of DAW and Reaktor is no exception. Here’s a midi delay with a bunch of midi x/y controllers and some LFOs to modulate the delay pattern. 23 snaps as a starting point.

wBn3 Yamaha CS-6 by Bernd Keil

Yet another variation on the drum machine Böhmy. This time with drum sample from the workstation CS-6 by Yamaha.

Movementmachine by Manuel Senfft

This is really a unique ensemble. It’s a dedicated sample player loaded with sounds like jeans, shirts and shoes. The idea is brilliant but as there’s only a handful of samples it’s a bit limited. But if you are looking for the sound taking of your shirt – this is what you are looking for!

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