Vangelis – The Tegos Tapes

December 3, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The Tapes were created by surgeon Dr. Stergios Tegos, and contain educational examples of his microneurosurgery work. Tegos asked Vangelis to create a soundtrack for the videos and Vangelis agreed, composing nearly 12 hours of some of his more ambient music.

This music was lost to obscurity for years, because of the esoteric nature of the videos.

This changed when Vangelis Collector’s Don Fennimore came across a copy, while traveling in Greece, and wrote about it at his site.

Vangelis’s music for The Tegos Tapes will probably never get an official release, but Neville Dorrington, co-host of the long-running Australian ambient music radio show,Ultima Thule, has shared edits of the soundtrack via Soundclound for streaming listening.


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