eXode Club Soundset

eXode’s Club Soundset V1 Reason 5 Refill

We have taken a closer look at the new Reason Refill from eXode – Club Soundset V1. eXode is a well known producer of high quality Refills in the Propellerhead Reason community and has released several that are available for free download at the Propellerhead site.

To start of with, if you enjoy eXode´s previous Refills just as much as we do here at Stereoklang, then you wont be dissapointed with the Club Soundset V1 Refill. And don´t be fooled by the name – “Club” is not really a name that fully defines what this Refill is all about. In classic eXode spirit the Refill is filled with very nice high quality bass lines, pads and synth keys in the spirit of Moog, Waldorf, Korg etc. Fat sounding pad CMBs has always been a strong trademark of eXode and this Refill nicely follows in this tradition.

CMBs has always been the strength of eXode and to summarize this Refill will not make you dissapointed from that perspective, if you are producing any form of electro, synth or dance music you will definitely find something that triggers your inspiration in this Refill. Specifically we enjoy the bass synths and sequenced CMBs included. From one perspective one could have wished that there were more CMBs included, with somewhat more variations and perhaps more Combinators following in the tradition of eXode’s Sonic Waves Refill which included a number of really cool arpeggiated CMBs.

Below you can find some sound samples from the Club Soundset V1 Refill:

EXode – Club Soundset V1 – sound samples by Stereoklang Produktion

New to eXode, we believe at least, is the inclusion of 15 pre-sets for the Reason KONG drum machine. So based on this one weren´t really sure what to expect – would it be a bunch of inspiring FX drum synth sounds or more standard drum sounds. Well they are perhaps standard techno, EBM, club dance drums but they are very nice sounding and true to classic sounds of the 808 and similar sounding drum machnes. I think the real treat here is the way eXode has set up the pre-sets – the combination and the placing of the drums relative to the pads. We tried the pre-sets using an Akai MPC and it turned out to work our really well, which is good from a live drumming perspective.

Finally eXode has included a large chunk of Thor patches providing you with pleasure of really getting to know the Thor synth and the power it presents the user with. Among the 128 patches for the Thor you will for example here sounds reminiscent of the Sylenth and DUNE, we like :-)

Conclusively: Club Soundset V1 from eXode will be a nice edition to your Reason archive and we will definitely continue monitor upcoming releases from eXode, with great pleasure. Below you can read what eXode himself has to say about the Refill:

I have been at hard work designing sound that work well for the clubs.

You can listen to three teasers of this soundset on my soundcloud site. Also the original wav files are downloadable so that you can listen to them in all their uncompressed glory.

I’ve tried to show some of the sounds in a musical context and not just presets on parade. An ambition with this soundset was to create sounds for Reason that could rival with Sylenth1 and DUNE in terms of sound.

The Club Soundset V1 contains the following:

  • 128 Thor patches
  • 64 Combinator patches
  • 12 drumkits for Kong

Pricing and Availability:

More information:

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