Filter Research 2

REVIEW: Filter Research 2 from Nucleus Soundlab

Nucleus Soundlab is in my mind a solid provider of highly crafted refills for the Propellerhead Reason suite. With refills like Pantheon I and II and Synthetic Kits in their portfolio, as well as with my experience with their predecessor Filter Research I, I was pretty intrigued to see how it had evolved.

To start of I would like to remind you that FR 1 and 2 are not by any means your traditional refill with predefined loops, pads, keys, bass and lead sounds – it is actually quite empty of any sounds, instead you are provided with the tools to uniquely tailor your sounds with effects hardly imaginable for the “standard” Reason user. Basically what Nucleus are doing is that they are cramming every inch out of the Reason rack to give you an amazing toolbox of high quality sequenced effects with inbuilt patterns.

Something that triggered me the most and is probably one of the main reasons I would strongly recommend this refill is the way Nucleus has been able to add delays that are far richer than what most skilled Reason users what be able to produce themselves as well as the envelope-followed distortion, and spectral processors.

In my work I have come across a number of excellent VSTs focused on adding that specific touch to your music, let it be reverbs, filters, delays, distortion devices etc, and pretty much optimized towards that one objective. With FR 2 you will definitely get a short cut to adding that extra dimension to your music and with the added MIDI support you are free to experiment. I can say that FR 2 is a strength indicator of Nucleus, but equally well an indicator of Reason as a key software in your music production. I am really looking forward to see what Nucleus will come up with for Reason 5.


Filter Research 2 features

  • 200+ Combinators included.
  • PDF manual describing each Combinator.
  • New more detailed manual format.
  • 5 Epic Combinators – including video documentation.
  • All Combinators created from scratch.
  • Each Combinator has all 4 rotaries/buttons uniquely assigned.
  • Requires Reason 4+ either standalone or together with Record.

Filter Research 2 is available to purchase as a download for $59 USD. For 30 days, Nucleus SoundLab customers and newsletter subscribers can purchase for only $49 USD.

More information: Nucleus SoundLab / Filter Research 2

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