A new Vermona has arrived

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Info below from a German magazine:

Vermona ’14 – an unconventional name. Just before the Vermona team departed for NAMM, offered, quasi in passing, the opportunity to take a quick look at the new synthesizer. Here are the first impressions.

The analog synthesizer is a full-blown version of the Lancet module. The 3½-octave keyboard (44 keys) has a pleasant synth-action keyboard and the housing and the controls make a solid, reliable impression. The large panel promises a safe handling on stage.

Vermona ’14 is monophonic, a duophoner mode as it is presently just hip is not provided. The sound production have two identical VCOs with sine, sawtooth and square (PWM) and two sub oscillators, with a sinus, with a rectangle that can be mixed to the mixer. In the mixer, signals can override what appears roughly three LEDs. The VCO can be synchronized and also provide, if necessary on a fixed pitch. Noise and External In enhance the sound sources.

The filter is not a multi-mode, but only a low-pass, but corresponds to the most common applications.

The slope can be switched between 12, 18 and 24 dB. Also filter FM is possible. Two fast ADSR envelopes and LFO accept the modulation


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