Back to the 80s: TWO PEOPLE – This Is The Shirt

August 14, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

At last,probably the rarest music clip on You Tube! The excellent Liverpool band,TWO PEOPLE with the grossly underrated THIS IS THE SHIRT.I found this clip on an old VHS from 1985.The tape literally fell apart as I was copying this!
It’s taken me a week to replace the tape spools in another cassette.
Thankfully.its now preserved for your pleasure.
The sound is poor at the start,but its gets better during the chorus.ENJOY!!!

New video from the past:

I was happy to see the Spoons showcase yesterday put a smile on so many people’s faces, so I hope that today’s targeted 80sObscurities troop might bring back a few memories for others. The Two People referenced in this mid-80s U.K. act were guitarists/vocalists Mark Stevenson and Noel Ram, augmented by Brad Lang on bass, Steve Creese on drums and Ian Penman on keys.

The band debuted in 1985 with a pair of twangy, alt-pop singles, our highlight track “This Is The Shirt” and the down tempo ballad “Rescue Me.” With moderate media support, Stevenson and Ram developed a following of fans who were rabid, but fewer and further between than Polydor Records had hoped. After just two more singles, 1986’s “Mouth of an Angel” and the following year’s “Heaven”, the band broke up before ever releasing a single full length album. Little was ever heard from Stevenson again, but Ram (under the pseudonym Leon Mar) would go on to a rather potent and prolific career in the jungle/drum ‘n bass genres, under various project names, most notably Arcon 2.

Broadcasting remotely from Charlotte, North Carolina, here’s 80sObs and Two People.


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