Can the laser harp be topped…?

February 9, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

I get asked about once a month if I can make a MIDI interface for the Theremin. So after completing the vacuum tube Theremin I thought it was about time I built one.

This device accurately matches Theremin Pitch to MIDI note, along with volume data – using a cunning blend of microprocessor, signal-processing hardware and some clever embedded software.

So far I’ve tested it with a PAIA Theremax, a Moog Etherwave Plus and my own Keppinger VT Theremin.

Not only does it produce pitch information, it can provide controller data, and realtime arpeggiation using simplified or complex chords – read from a MIDI keyboard connected to the input.

It even blends subtle pitch bend control into the MIDI stream to allow user controlled vibrato to be added. Just like a real Theremin.

Since enough people asked about it – I’ve put together a complete package here :


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