Duo_ Portable Modular Synth – extended video

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Hard Mod released this extended demo video for their Duo Portable Modular Synthesizer. The Duo_ is a Modular Synth with portable case, compact design and pure analogue sound. No pre-connection and a 80-patchbay jacks you can basically create everything, but the charm are the complex patches for extremely unusual modulations, clicks, bleeps & laboratory sound, anyway is possible make fat bass lines, leads or the characteristic retro sound of Vintage Synths. It´s a friendly start in the world of modulars, but also is a good complement to your system!



Pure Analogue Voice Circuitry
2 VCO (Saw, Triangle, Square, sine, PWM, Sync input & 3 CV inputs)
2 VCF (Each with 3 CV inputs)
VCF 1 (24dB Low Pass Filter)
VCF 2 (Variable Filter with independent outputs LPF/HPF/BPF)
2 VCA (Lin & Log response each with 2 CV inputs)
2 Envelope Generators AD (1 gate input for each EG)
VCLFO (Voltage Controlled LFO, 5 independent outputs, PWM & 3 CV inputs)
Sample & Hold (2 outputs, Portamento, Clock input, Gate & Trigger outputs)
Noise Generator (White, Grainy, Roaring & Digital)
Mixer (4 Channels & 1 output)
3 Voltage distributors (each with 1 input & 4 outputs)
Portable Wooden Case & aluminum faceplate
Patchbay (Mini jacks 3.5mm)
Voltage Input AC120V-260V

Listen at:

See pictures at Flickr:

Price US$ 650 plus shipping (Worldwide)
The purchase includes PDF manual & Video tutorials.

To order and more information go to hard-mod dot com


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